Loranna’s RP, Part 7: The Blue Dawn

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This part of the roleplay began on January 24th, 2005, with the following post by Loranna in a thread titled Blue Dawn. This post would become a template for future introductions in Loranna’s RP series.

Hello, and welcome to our Elder Scrolls Role Playing threads, where we adventure and socialize in the vibrant land of Tamriel.

Before we begin, we’d like to clarify a few things:

This is an ‘open roleplay’ and everyone is encouraged to join in at any time!

‘Open’ roleplay does not mean ‘unorganized’ or ‘limitless’, however. The events in this story are usually planned, and if something BIG happens, you can be certain that it is the result of much discussion between players, usually in the mIRC chat (#Loranna_RP). This is not just a bunch of disorganized individuals doing what they think would be fun for their character at the time.

So, while everyone is welcome to join in, they are NOT welcome to jump in and do big, world-changing things without DISCUSSING IT FIRST. Let me be very clear about what cannot be done without permission:

1: Any action that effects another person’s character, for ill or good. Although most people realize they can’t harm another person’s character without permission, many don’t realize that you can’t HELP another character without permission, either. Many characters have flaws for a reason. Don’t go healing, saving, or otherwise fixing another character without DISCUSSING IT FIRST with the player involved.

2: Any event that would drastically change things that have been done to the world, whether the change is physical (rebuilding destroyed locations), political (converting a population to a new cause), military (killing off all the badguys) or anything else. Almost every situation, good or bad, that exists in the RP was done for some reason. Don’t go changing or fixing things without DISCUSSING IT FIRST with the group.

Everyone who is involved in the RP is welcome in the mIRC chat channel #Loranna_RP. If you have a plot idea then you are encouraged to go there and discuss it. If you cannot get on the channel for some reason, or if the player whos character you would affect with your plan is not there, then PM them using this board’s PM function. That’s what it’s there for.

For information on reaching #Loranna_RP via Mirc or Chatspike, look http://sekkairc.freewebpage.org/.

Not following the above advice will only result in one thing: your post is likely to be completely ignored by everyone as if it did not happen. This is obvously not good for anyone, so please, discuss major events before doing them.

Remember: Secret plans and surprises are seldom fun for anyone else. Before they’re revealed they’re boring, because nobody knows about them, and afterwards they’re just annoying, because nobody knew about them.

Thank you, and have fun!

Event Summary

The party had to flee the city of Vivec and the swarming forces of the Azurites and took shelter in nearby Ald Sotha. Jazbet, a Khajiiti knight of the Dunmer Great House Dres, offered them shelter in his home Ald Raathim on the mainland and thus, the party moved under many perils to this town on the mainland.

A time of healing and regrouping followed, where the party gathered its strength. However, the enemy in form of the Azurites was not idle. During the following weeks, the Azurites gathered strength and conquered Vvardenfell and began a secret project in the vicinity of Red Mountain.

Meanwhile, information reached the party that a certain artifact called Flamekiss could provide a part of a solution to the Azurite threat. It was to be found in the dreadful dungeons of the Vaults of Gemin near Stormhold in Blackmarsh. A part of the companions set out to gain this artifact and after arduous adventures, they were able to obtain this great prize. During these adventures, a large force of Azurites attacked the village of Ald Raathim to vanqish all opposition. Only by the combined powers of many heroes and soldiers alike, this battle was won.

After many other adventures, the heroes that retrieved the Flamekiss artifact returned to Ald Raathim. Matters had worsened, for the plans of the enemy became clearer.

A giant soulgem called the Pillar of Dawn had been erected on the very spot of the heart of Lorkhan at Red Mountain. Would a soul of a powerful being, like the soul of the yet unborn divine child Sen-Yedda, be sacrificed on Hogithum, Azura would gain the power to subjugate creation itself under her will only.

It came to be, that by unfortunate events, Solin, the mysterious Dunmer, became possessed by Alandro Sul, immortal son of Azura. He kidnapped Sen-Yedda and brought her to Red Mountain only days before Hogithum.

Despair reigned among the heroes, but then, by chance or by fate, they were able to forge a plan. Flamekiss was a power source for an artifact called Eidolon, which had been found recently and was now in the possession of King Helseth of Morrowind. This artifact would be able to destroy the Azurites, if it could be controlled. Uncontrolled, it would destroy creation itself.

The Eidolon was kept, under the close observation of Helseth, in Ebonheart, and the party managed to convince Helseth of their cause. Many armies gathered for a final assault on Red Mountain, Helseth’s Imperial Legions, Nordic warriors under the command of Aricyn, various small groups of Tamriel and many more.

The party decided to use the Eidolon on the Pillar of Dawn, center of the power of Azura. While a major force assaulted Red Mountain, a small group of heroes managed to sneak by the defenses and come close to the Pillar of Dawn on the day of Hogithum.

On Hogithum, Azura was summoned in the flesh of Nibani Maesa and Sen-Yedda was born.

In the last moment, eight heroes, with the help of eight shards of a sword that was forged earlier and which represented the eight Aedra, managed to circle around the Pillar of Dawn.

What then happened is hard to describe. Eight took upon them the powers of the Aedra and broke time itself. They were able to control the Eidolon and target its destructive force in a way that it would vanquish all Azurites and defeat Azura. In the last moment, Azura was banished, the pillar was destroyed and Sen-Yedda saved. Chaos broke out as Red Mountain erupted and caused massive destruction to the island of Vvardenfell.

The heroes managed to escape the turmoil and met again at Ald Raathim, though there were grave losses, too. Many brave soldiers fell in battle, and also many heroes. Jazbet, Loranna’s husband-to-be, had died as his soul had left his body. However, with his soul being gone, Jazbet’s body presented a unique chance for the Lich Slyvos Araberith, who also won Loranna’s love, to regain a new body and embrace mortality once again.

Allerleirauh took the responsibility to raise Sen-Yedda, child of Vivec and Azura.

In the time that followed, Loranna took over the task of ruling Ald Raathim, with her fiancee Slyvos at her side.

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