Loranna’s RP, Part 6: The Evening and Morning Star Parade

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This part of the roleplay began December 3rd, 2004, picking up from the conclusion of The Trail of Frozen Tears. Loranna kicked it off with the following post.

Hello all,

The story of Loranna’s adventures in her quest to return Azura to Oblivion continue in this next upcoming RP. Set in Morrowind, and starting in Gnisis a couple of weeks after the conclusion of Trail of Frozen Tears, we will pick up with Loranna in prison, and from there … who knows? 😛

… Well okay; from there we will probably be doing a bit of travel through the land of the Dunmer, for one way or another, prisoner or no, Loranna’s got some places to go, people to meet, and things to do. No rest for the weary 🙂

Some important notes:

First, the official start of this RP is the end of next week; this time, I’d like the announcement thread to really be the announcement, not the start of the RP proper wink.gifPeople are still welcome and encouraged to do some preliminary setting up of their characters in here to get them to Gnisis by the time things get rolling however.

Second, there’s been some request that the RP topics be slowed down a touch, so as not to create 400 or so posts in a twenty-four hour period. Not only that, but my own schedule is getting a touch busier in real life and I can’t stay up quite as late as I have been 🙁 With that in mind, I would like to ask that we try to take this RP a little more slowly than the others. We can discuss ways to do this over the course of the next week, though I for one will be making use of the fact that Loranna is starting off in jail and thus has limited ‘visiting hours’ to good effect 🙂

With a slower, more sedate posting pace in mind, I project that this RP will last longer than the previous ones I’ve run; the holiday season will probably add to the length some as well. Should some particular part of the RP require a faster pace, I’ll mention it when I see it come up.

Third, we will once again be using the mIRC ChatSpike channel #Loranna_RP for organizing people, discussing plot ideas, coordinating posts, and other good stuff. This channel has now been made a permanent channel, with myself, Archie the Moderator, and Allerleirauh as ops. If anyone has trouble getting into the channel, please contact me and we’ll see what we can do to fix the problem.

Fourth, the Golden Rule – Have Fun 🙂 Be courteous and non-spammy, and remember at all times that I AM a hopeless lunatic, but that I’m surrounded by equally looney people on all sides, so it all balances out, and we’ll all have a blast!

(Note: No lunatics were harmed in the making of this post.)

Events Summary

Loranna – in Morrowind also called Incarnate Mother – was, under close guard by Ciel Dolbinen’s men, brought to the village of Gnisis in Morrowind. To seek help, it was decided that she would undertake the ancient pilgrimage of the Seven Graces and thus, many companions and followers, Dunmer and “outlanders” alike, accompanied her.
Her first station was the Tribunal shrine in the Gnisis temple, where Loranna called upon Azura’s power to demand justice to be done for the wrongs outlanders had done to the Dunmer. The second station was to be Koal Cave, where a mad and terrible beast assaulted the pilgrims, and only with the help of Loranna was it defeated.

The Parade moved on to Balmora, where a great feast, provided by King Helseth took place. The events there were foreshadowed by the following words:

Ode to Azura

“Oh, Azura, Azura, the dust and the dawn,
My guts fill with worms, my body their pawn,

Oh, death cometh to stop my immortal dance,
Alas, alackaday, and, aye, what an annoyance

But weep for me not, we soon will laugh and laugh hearty
Don’t dawdle, in the stone wood to the Ear-Clipper’s party.”

– Sheogorath

During the feast, madness reigned happily, as was the daM doG’s promise.

After that, Loranna decided to set out alone to the shrine in the fields of Kummu, and the majority of the Parade was led – under guidance of a fake Incarnate Mother and Aricyn the Nord – moved slowly towards Ghostgate, the location of then next shrine.

As Loranna was paying honest homage at the Fields of Kummu, she transgressed against Azura’s will, and her skin’s colour turned ashen-grey.

Meanwhile, during the main party’s stay at the Ghostgate, opposition towards Loranna began to form, as some heroes, among them Arynel and Allerleirauh saw the threat a Daedric Prince would cause, and secret plans were set in motion.

After Loranna had rejoined the Parade and fulfilled the pilgrimage to the Ghostgate shrine, Suran was chosen to be the next stop on the way towards Vivec. After a long stay, there, the Parade finally had reached Vivec and – fulfilling the last three shrine quests – Loranna, who had grown increasingly insane by the influence of the Daedric Prince in her, finally saw the mistakes she made and agreed to put herself on trial. Again, a Tribunal was formed and Allerleirauh was again chosen to be Mercy. Solin represented Mystery and Arynel was to be Mastery.

The Trial was held, yet Azura finally managed to gain full control over Loranna. In a wrath of fury, she called on her power and thousands all over Tamriel swore their souls to her, bowed their heads in reverence and thus, the Azurites were created.

By chance or fate, however, the heroes around Loranna were not unprepared. Powerful magic was cast in form of Azura’s true names – spoken by the Psijiic Master B – and by the sword of Moon Reiver – wielded by Aricyn – Loranna was freed from Azura’s influence. Sen-Yedda, the unborn child of Vivec and Azura, could also be saved and she was put into a Simulacrum created by Solin

Yet the damage was done. Azura had found her power and destruction followed in her wake. Vivec City was almost laid to waste in the battle that followed, the Ministry of Truth, fulfilling Vivec’s old prophecy of falling down when the love of the Dunmer for their god dwindled, was destroyed and the heroes, terrified, only barely managed to flee from the raging forces of the Azurites.

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