Morrowind Advanced (TES3 Mod)

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The following text are all from the mod Morrowind Advanced. This mod was a collaborate effort between Gary Noonan, a current developer, and several forum members after the release of TES3: Morrowind.

There are two stories told through notes in this mod. The first is an Imperial Keep that is taken over by undead. The second is an invasion of Mehrunes Dagon taking over a pocket realm of Oblivion called the Imperial Proving Grounds, which was made to replace the Battlespire (which itself fell to Mehrunes Dagon a few decades prior).

Quickly Scrawled Note

[This letter was scrawled quickly from the appearance of the handwriting.]

Notice to Ashland Imperial Keep

Captain Dorn

A large force of undead has been spotted to the NE of the Ashland Imperial Keep. The force is headed directly into the direction of the Keep and they do not appear to stop for anything. The regiment stationed at the Keep is not large enough or equipped to handle such a threat. Marlon and I shall try to redirect them while this report is being delivered to the Keep. I fear we will not be able to keep them occupied for long, so my advice is to clear out. We shall meet up with the regiment as soon as we get word of the evacuation. Good luck.

Spearman Galoman

Note to Acal


Venor and his men are being dispatched to the Weir Gate to aid Hagan. You and your men attempt to secure your current area. Use ANY means necessary. And I mean ANY.


Note to Allem


It appears that, with the portals being closed, in theory, the Daedra could not get in. But, what if, someone were summoning them in? Aiding Mehrunes Dagon? This is something I am going to work on a bit more and I shall get back to you on it. I pray I can figure this out in time, otherwise, who knows, Dagon may show up himself.


Note to Elonta


I have faired well with the eastern halls. My magic is quite effective on these fiends. I have not heard word from your squad in hours. I pray you are still with me. When you get this message, please send word back. 


Note to Goir


My squad is lost. Those bastard Daedra have broken through the western Weir and my time is limited. I am held up with only two students and I fear their courage and will was lost once they brought up their steel. I am going to attempt to make my way to the Dragon Hold and release the mounts. There is no possible way they can defend themselves in such a tight area. The western Weir has been locked off and I believe you are the only one with authorized entry. If you must, make your way to the west where we shall stand a better chance against this invading fools.


Note to Gorg


You are to evacuate Shade Perilous as soon as possible. The situation in the Proving Grounds has worsened greatly, and I fear that the ruin you are patroling will soon be overrun, and may even be a staging ground for the invaders. Keep your eyes open for any of your men acting strange also. Word of a traitor has been surfacing. Good luck to you.


Note to Gorkang


I fear we are lost good friend. The Empire has sent little to no support and we are failing quickly. I have offered support to the rest of the men, but it was just an effort to keep their hopes up. We will not last long now. My friend, my brother in arms, I will see you again, in another place. 


Note to Hagan


As you know, the Daedric invaders have finally penetrated the walls. The portals were sealed but they are still somehow flowing. You MUST hold the Anchors, at all costs. If those Anchors fall into the hands of them, the entire complex will drift into the Void. We shall continue to look for the source of their entry and their intentions, but in the meantime, hold those Anchors. Reinforcements should be arriving soon from the mainland. Mara be with us all.


Inemarbre’s Note


I am writing you back to inform you that I was right! There IS indeed a traitor! And of all people, he is quite dear to us. I am on my way now to finish his madness for once and all. It appears he is now attempting to possess the minds of the existing guard. He must be stopped at all cost! To turn our own soldiers against one another is utter madness. I must stop him before this sinister plan takes form. If I shall fail, know that the traitor is [a bloodstain obstructs the rest of the letter.]


Note to Joanard


Nokkit think that Daedra holding back. They not attack like normal. Nokkit thinks it is trick. They playing with us. Nokkit no want to see anything happen to pretty, softskin Joanard. Maybe you leave and Nokkit take care of Stronghold. Nokkit no stand the thought of something bad happening to Joanard. Joanard in Nokkit’s thoughts very much. 


Note to Nokkit


The squad that was patroling Shade Perilous is on it’s way to you. Be on the look out for them. I am unsure of your situation as of now. Last word stated that resistence was tolerable. I hope you all can keep it up. 


Note to Onsaa


Word just came in that the Weir Gate was lost. You are to clear out from the Soul Cairn. We can not risk losing a high ranking Battlemage, such as yourself, to them. I fear that the Daedra are moving your way in full force. They appear to be using Undead in their ranks. Some of the likes, we have not seen before. Their trickery never fails to surprise us.


Note to Orvo

Orvo Iilli,

By request of the Imperial Legion, and the Emperor himself, you are to report to Cyrodil for immedaite dispatch. You will be briefed upon arrival of the situation. 

Elbon Lonos, High Dragon Knight

Note to Pelcet

Pelcet Nemat,

By request of the Imperial Legion, and the Emperor himself, you are to report to Cyrodil for immedaite dispatch. You will be briefed upon arrival of the situation. 

Elbon Lonos, High Dragon Knight

Note to Venor


I sincerely hope this letter reaches you in time. You are to get your squad together and move back to the Weir Gate. Hagan will need your assistance protecting the Dragon Hold. I do not wish to make matters any worse, but we are no closer to figuring out what this invasion is all about. I can only imagine it is some plot of Mehrunes Dagon, to attack this new Imperial Proving Ground since he failed with the Battlespire. Our sources are still working on it. 

Good Luck to you.


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