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Originally published 04/10/2023. Original article can be found here.

If you intend to learn more about Hermaeus Mora, the Prince of Fate, you will undoubtedly cross paths with Leramil the Wise during your adventures in the Telvanni Peninsula. Learn about this eccentric Elven scholar in this new Meet the Character!

High Ordinator Danys,

I have arrived in the Telvanni Peninsula and set up my base of operations in Necrom to avoid any unnecessary conflict with House Telvanni. As the priests of the Temple indicated, there is a definitive rise in Daedric-related activity throughout the region. I have yet to ascertain the source of this trouble, but I have narrowed it down to three distinct possibilities: a new Daedric cult, a rogue Telvanni mage, or a visiting scholar from Summerset—Leramil the Wise.

Since I still have agents in the field investigating the first two, let me give you the background I have learned on the third. Leramil the Wise claims to be no one of consequence. Just a simple scholar who travels across Tamriel to research those areas of study that most interest her. Now, determining these areas of study has been a difficult task. From what my agents have ascertained, she deals in secrets and forbidden knowledge. In fact, I have it on good authority that while she doesn’t appear to be a devoted follower of any specific Daedric Prince, she does seem to have a strong connection to one Prince in particular. One contact insists that she is an agent for the Prince of Fate, Hermaeus Mora. The story goes that she made a bargain with the Prince more than a century ago in exchange for glimpses into forbidden tomes and dangerous texts. Indeed, this contact claims that she visits the Oblivion realm of Apocrypha on a regular basis.

If this is true, and I have no reason to doubt the claims as yet, then she has weathered her brushes with the forbidden quite well. Apart from a few eccentricities that I will outline below, she appears remarkably sane for someone who has dealt so often with Hermaeus Mora. We have had to put down or lock away I don’t know how many Mora cultists over the years after whatever secrets they were made privy to drove them insane.

Leramil the Wise regularly uses complicated words and phrases to explain even the simplest concepts. She often loses her train of thought as other concepts vie for her attention. She seems to always be thinking about a hundred different things at once, and trying to engage in any sort of conversation with her can be maddening. She can be cryptic, aloof, inscrutable, and mysterious, but booksellers and other scholars sing her praises. She is generous when purchasing rare and unusual tomes, and she isn’t above sharing certain aspects of her studies with others. She is very careful, however, not to overtly demonstrate her connection to Hermaeus Mora or Daedric research, which has allowed her to continue to operate in even the most restrictive regions of Tamriel where anything related to Daedra is prohibited.

I approached Leramil myself once since arriving, but I did not identify myself as an Ordinator. Her use of fancy words confused me at first, and she seemed truly baffled while attempting to engage me in casual conversation. However, when I asked her what she thought of the esoteric philosophy of Lord Vivec, she became much more coherent and animated. Even so, I didn’t understand a word she said about the subject.

We’re fairly certain that she has some sort of hidden study somewhere in Necrom. I’ll continue to attempt to locate it so that we can set up surveillance of her activities. While I sense no threat from this Leramil the Wise, I have no doubt that she has some connection to the Daedric activity in and around Necrom. When I find out more, I will send word. And if my fears turn out to be justified, I’ll need more Ordinators to assist me.

Ordinator Nelyn

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