Conversation with Adibazzi, Trader

Author: Adibazzi
Released In:

“This one has much patience, but it is stretched thinner than a dancing-cat’s veil here. I have come to trade, and I have fine goods for reasonable prices, but these Wood Elves act as if it’s all a game. Well, in truth, trading is a game, but they are playing a different one than Adibazzi is and they won’t share the rules.

We should haggle, bargain, argue over quality and cost until we come to a deal. Instead, they want to ask riddles or want to have a hunting contest. One asked that we should each guess the number of leaves on a giant tree and count them, and whoever was closest would take all of the other’s goods. Nonsense and sugar-dreams! Khajiit does not have time for this!”

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