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Originally published 07/26/2022. Original article can be found here.

Headstrong and bold, Druid Laurel travels the Systres seeking ancient lore. Learn a little more about this inquisitive druid in this new Meet the Character.

Druid Rahval,

I’m afraid that there’s been some misunderstanding concerning the scholar you asked me to welcome into our village. When I received your message, I was puzzled. What did we at Stonelore Grove have to offer a druid from Galen? Especially one as traveled as your letter suggested. Is it true that she’s spent time on Y’ffelon? I asked her about how the Firesong fared, but she wasn’t forthcoming. She likewise hasn’t informed me of the nature of her studies, only that they revolve around the last Druid King. I know we have nothing to offer her on that front. Many records from that time have been lost to us, as you well know.

Still, we welcomed her as you requested. We showed Druid Laurel to our archives and introduced her to the oldest members of our village. She feigned interest very politely, but quickly turned her attention to the Undergrove.

We’re not entirely sure how she knows about the Undergrove, but Druid Estienn found her wandering about the rocks and roots, searching for the Evergrowth. It appears that she wants to speak to the Evergrowth, but what information she hopes to glean from our nature spirit, I cannot say. To be completely honest, if you hadn’t written to me in advance, I would have thrown her out as a thief or a troublemaker.

Still, despite my misgivings, I should clarify that Druid Laurel hasn’t stolen anything. Her worst crime is speaking expletives aloud around the younger members of our community. She’s strong-willed with a precocious streak that could blast a leaf off a branch. But her good qualities are plentiful and shine through her every interaction. She’s passionate about the druidic way of life and upholds the True Way. To hear her speak on the founding principles of our faith is to see hope for future generations of druids. She’s kind as well, always willing to stop her work to lend a hand or an ear to whoever requests it of her. Finally, she’s more aligned than many other visitors to our village, able to adapt to our routines with ease.

In fact, Druid Laurel’s easygoing nature has earned her many friends among our community, despite all her rougher edges. Just the other day, while we were tending to the vegetable garden, she came up behind me and started picking weeds of her own volition. I hope you know that we never expect our guests to take part in our daily work, especially when they clearly have their own tasks to see to. But Laurel cheerfully said that sifting through pages and tablets made her miss the feeling of dirt under her nails. She worked beside us until nightfall.

The truest statement I can make about your protégé is that I could never attempt to predict what she would do. Upon first meeting, she seemed pleasant and enthusiastic but with enough decorum that I was sure she’d been schooled among the nobles of Gonfalon Bay. But there was something in her tone, a coolness and a spark that made me question how well this visit would go. But now that it’s nearing its end—and Druid Laurel is already discussing the next group of druids she’ll spend time with—I can’t help but feel that we’ll miss her presence.

In short, all I can say is that we will be sad when Druid Laurel leaves Stonelore Grove. Her time among us has altered the routine of our lives in new and interesting ways. She will leave a mark on us, if for no other reason than “rootrot” has been firmly planted in our vernacular.

Yours in the True Way,
Elder Karic

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