Meet the Character: Commander Varian

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Originally published 07/25/2018. Original article can be found here.

Should you assault the fortifications of Moon Hunter Keep, you’ll need help from somebody on the inside. Learn about Commander Varian, one of the Order of the Silver Dawn’s most devoted soldiers, with our newest Meet the Character!

Captain Abitius,

Once again, I must strongly urge you to reconsider this order. While I understand the threat that the Moon Hunter Pack presents to Tamriel, I also understand that we do not have the resources to take them on alone. We cannot let our pride in the Silver Dawn allow good soldiers to die.

However, knowing you, my pleas will fall on deaf ears. As such, I am sending Commander Varian along with this letter. Even knowing the heavy odds against us, he has agreed to undertake this mission. Varian is a good man, loyal to the Silver Dawn and meticulous in his practices. You will find no soldier more worthy or willing to lead a squad into Moon Hunter Keep.

Commander Varian was stationed in the keep before Vykosa’s attack, only missing the massacre by a few days due to another assignment. Honestly, a part of me believes he feels a sense of guilt about the whole affair. I know many of those who died were under his command at the time. I sincerely hope he does not allow this past tragedy cloud his judgment.

By the Eight, I wish for nothing more than to strike against Moon Hunter Keep and to end their reign of terror. But I know that, should we go through with this plan of action, we’re sending many fine soldiers to their deaths. Including Commander Varian, one of the best men I have ever had the privilege to fight alongside.

Again, I urge you to reconsider this plan of action. There must be another way.

-Captain Murzazir

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