Meet the Character: Drake of Blades

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Originally published 07/23/15. Original article can be found here.

Join us as we meet one of the new characters you’ll encounter while playing through the Imperial City DLC game pack main story. In this Meet the Character, you’ll learn a little about the mysterious woman who calls herself the “Drake of Blades.”

Attn: General Nesh-Tan

As per your request, I have compiled a report on all matters related to this masked woman, the “Drake of Blades.” I must admit, it is far from exhaustive. Even my most gifted scouts could only keep pace with her for a few minutes at a time before losing her to the shadows. And even in those cases, I suspect she wanted to be seen for some reason—perhaps to lead us away from an ambush, or draw our attention to something noteworthy. I am confident that she means us no harm, and I thank the Three for that. If she did want us gone, I suspect we’d all be dead many times over.

Judging by her height and complexion, I’d say she’s probably Imperial. But we’ve never observed her wearing anything other than a weathered Akaviri panoply, so any connection to the Legion seems unlikely. So far as we can tell, she has no companions in the city. We have reason to believe she has made contact with our enemies in the Covenant and the Dominion, but those meetings have been infrequent and cursory. So, in short, we can’t say with certainty who she actually works for. Our best guess is some clandestine offshoot of the former Dragonguard.

What worries me the most is her temperament. There is something about how she carries herself that makes the troops nervous. She often appears agitated—pacing or walking in circles. Other times she will sit, almost catatonic, for an hour or more before giving us the slip. This would be less troubling if she wasn’t so … I guess “murderous” is the word? We’ve found hanged cultists and severed heads in almost every district of the city—left as a warning for Molag Bal’s troops, and perhaps us as well.

In the weeks we’ve been stalking her, we’ve only had one actual meeting. One of my junior pathfinders, Elam, bumbled into an old tea-house full of Dremora. They seemed poised to burn him alive before the Drake arrived. She slew the lot of them in three strokes of her sword. Split one of their heads like melon and cut the other three in half. Elam stammered out a faint “thank you.” She stood there staring at us for a moment, like she was struck dumb. Eventually she called him an “idiot” and disappeared out the back door.

My counsel is this: give her a wide berth. Accept what aid she offers, but don’t get in her way.

Blood for the Pact,
Lieutenant Drathyn

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