Crown Store Showcase: Costumes

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“Brilliance” Brocade RobesFor the Orc who aspires to impress, this season Borzighu of Coldsnap Clothiers offers rich fabrics in subtle shades, accented with gold and steel to convey an indelible image of wealth and power. “It’s wholly contemporary and urbane,” says Borzighu, “but it still says, ‘I have the power of a Clan Chief.'”
“Buoyant Gentility” Ensemble“I’ve woven some of Lord Vivec’s austere elegance into this outfit, my tribute to the Tribune,” says Voldsea Arvel. “Soiree tonight in St. Delyn Plaza? In your new ‘Buoyant Gentility’ garb, you’ll be a Vvardenfell vision!”
“Eternity” Tunic with PantsIn Orsinium these days, even the busiest tusker likes some flair in his clothing—and nothing says “modern Orc” like a bias-cut-placket tunic from Borzighu at Coldsnap Clothiers. “This outfit,” he says, “is one for the ages!”
“Alinor Twilight’ Dancing DressEstinwe the Muse of Shimmerene says, “Evening in Alinor, and starlight glistens from swirling sashes and silver circlets as Elf maidens prance through the time-hallowed steps of the First Founders’ Fast Pavane. Say hey!”
“Drifting Sand” Tunic and SashSar’aq of Sentinel presents a comfortable, casual linen outfit that’s suitable for both town and country. This billowing tunic and breeches ensemble will “flow wherever you go,” as the designer puts it. Includes a broad and colorful sash!
“Elder Council” Tunic and SashInspired by the majestic and imposing attire of the Imperial Elder Council, this tunic and sash ensemble by Diocletia of Skingrad is suitable for high-profile occasions from the formal to the celebratory. Dress like a Tharn, and show off the proud heritage of the Empire!
“Ever Auridon’ Sateen Gown“The clean traditional lines of this gown evoke the wakes of Torinaan’s ships when they first discovered Auridon,” says designer Estinwe Silkdancer. “Its classic majesty is a reminder that even the lowest-ranked Altmer is still a High Elf.”
“Ever Damp” Reed-Fiber KiltNow you can avoid the embarrassing vexation of dry-scale thigh-chafing with the new “Ever Damp” kilt-of-reeds, available from leading designer Jaxa the Hermit in every Argonian’s favorite color: mud-brown! (Though of course you can dye them else-wise, O egg-sibling, should such be your whim.)
“Holiday in Balmora” Outfit“With the growth of Balmora, sport hunting in Morrowind has a new capital,” says designer Voldsea Arvel. “Whether you’re pursuing nix-oxen or hunting hive golems, dress for the chase in these luscious leathers!”
“Song of the Night” EnsembleA Redguard lady’s formal wear, like this ensemble by Sar’aq of Sentinel, is made of light fabric designed to be both beautiful and impressive, a constant reminder of the wearer’s heritage and grace. As Sar’aq says, “Glamor is for all of us!”
“Upriver” Striped Sash-KiltBe the best-dressed lizard in the xanmeer in this striped reed-fiber kilt with over-and-under shoulder sashes! Alternating panels of mud-brown and sandbar say loudly and proudly, “Do you wallow? Kaoc! So do I!”
“Vested Interest” Banquet GarbYou’ll turn heads when you walk into the banquet hall in this ensemble of shining sateen, topped by a sharply tailored jacquard vest. “Who says casual can’t be stylish?” says designer Sar’aq of Sentinel. “Not I!”
Abah’s Watch TurbanNot even a fez is as cool as a hat shaped like an onion. Now you can feel dapper yet comfortable under the desert sun by donning the Abah’s Watch Turban, the head-wrapping of the stylish Hew’s Bane guards!
Abah’s Watch Turban with MaskIt’s incognito time: at your next desert soiree, be stylish yet mysterious, intriguing and tantalizing, by combining the Abah’s Watch Turban with a feature-concealing mask. No one will ever suspect you’re actually crashing the party.
Alliance Rider HoodWear the Alliance Rider Hood and proudly display your army’s bold heraldic symbol, whether it’s the Eagle, the Lion, or the Dragon!
Alliance Rider OutfitWear the Alliance Rider Outfit and proudly display your army’s bold heraldic symbol, whether it’s the Eagle, the Lion, or the Dragon!
Ancestral Homage Formal Gown“There’s nothing wrong with showing some healthy gray skin while paying homage to the Ancestors,” says Voldsea Arvel about her stunning new formal gown. “The Ancestors won’t mind, and your current incarnation deserves to be seen!”
Ancestral Honor Garments“Praxis mandates fine silk shirtings when attending our weekly Ancestral Homage ceremonies,” says designer Estinwe of Shimmerene, “Show pride in your heritage with this shimmering update of a classic, time-tested pattern.”
Ancient Sites ExplorerSome scholars study the ancient history of Tamriel from libraries and archives, but the more active investigators do their studies in the field, exploring ancient ruins that are often both dirty and deadly dangerous.
Arvel’s Ashland AttireThough it also looks superb in a Great House drawing room, the outer layers of the Voldsea Arvel’s Ashland Attire ensemble are of tightly-woven kresh fiber that just sheds ash and soot, so you can look like a lord even in an ash storm!
Ashlander PackSo you’d rather be a wandering Ashlander than one of those stuffy Great House Dunmer? The costumes in this pack replicate the garb of the nomadic Ashlander tribes of Morrowind, including the travel and hunting clothes of the Mabrigash tribe, and the armor of the Kagesh. May the Good Daedra watch over you!
Auroran KnightAurorans are idealized humanoid Daedra mainly in the service of Meridia, the Lady of Infinite Energies. Their armor usually appears golden in tone, but since they come from the Colored Rooms, they could be of any hue.
Bonding Rite VestmentFor the Argonian tribes that follow the custom, the Bonding Rite is a significant ceremony that requires appropriately gaudy attire to mark its importance. Suitable for weddings and all celebrations of affection and friendship—even if that’s just knocking back some theilul at the local inn!
Breton HeroThis costume pays tribute to a legendary Breton hero of the Daggerfall Covenant. Now you can honor this nameless rogue by adopting his intimidating outfit.
Breton Hero ArmorThis costume pays tribute to a legendary Breton hero of the Daggerfall Covenant, one who fought in Cyrodiil to uphold the ancient ideals of the Second Empire. Now you can honor this nameless rogue by adopting his intimidating outfit.
Budi-Shirt and GalligaskinsSamsu the Sleek says, “This season in Mistral we’re tightening up the traditional billowing budi to give it a more streamlined silhouette, and shortening it the better to show off our breeze-catching galligaskin trousers. So comfy!”
Camlorn Top Hat PackThe Top of Sundas Morning to you in your Camlorn Top Hat, with a buckle, a shamrock, or a “lucky bouquet.” This bundle includes all three!
City Isle Tunic DressTrying to keep it simple without looking like a slob? Designer Diocletia says, “For a true Imperial, simple does not mean unsophisticated. Our City Isle Tunic Dress is inspired by the elegant lines of Second Empire attire, but updated with a contemporary bias cut.”
Corseted Riding OutfitPractical but stylish! Lady Eloisse, the designer, says, “A Breton woman likes to add a touch of feminine flair to her otherwise practical clothing. She wants her attire to say she’s a lady, no matter what she’s doing.”
Crown Crafting Motif: Dreadhorn StyleUse of this motif enables crafting in the Dreadhorn style. “Wayward sons and daughters, embrace Domihaus and set to work to outfit our reborn clan—as the Dreadhorn!” –Gherig Bullblood
Crystal Tower Sapiarchs’ GownInspired by the elegant formal gowns of the Sapiarchs of the Crystal Tower, designer Estinwe Silkdancer says, “Now you, too, can have the mysteries of the Dawn Era at your fingertips—or at least look like you do!”
Cyrod Gentry’s Town GownUnbuckle that grimy armor and slip into something elegant! “Tailored from sheerest linen, as daring as it is discreet, this aristocratic town gown is suitable for Cyrodilics of either sex,” says the renowned Diocletia of Skingrad. “Whether you’re dining or dancing, shopping or just showing off, this is for you.”
Cyrod Patrician Formal GownHad enough of slumming it with the commoners? You’ll look every inch the aristocrat in this formal wrap gown from Diocletia of Skingrad, paired with a splendid gorget of hammered gold dripping with Imperial diamonds. Get haughty!
Daedric Death MaskDaedra Worshiper, do you dare wear a mask that strikes fear into the souls of ordinary mortals? Then the Daedric Death Mask is for you! For as is graven upon its metal horn bands in the dread script of Oblivion: FEAR ABIDES.
Dark ShamanFar from town, temple, and market, those of ill intent meet in secret conclave to importune the forces of darkness for power and mastery. Behold here the dire raiment they don for this fell purpose. To wear such vestments is to express a longing for darkness and chaos.
Deep Elf Executioner’s HoodAncient engravings tell us that a Dwarven executioner, or “Chun Abakch,” always concealed his or her features under a hood of black spidersilk, a material that was also used by the Dwemer for funeral shrouds. Feeling sinister? This could be your look!
Deepwoods Pod-Singer TunicNon-Wood Elves might think it strange that Bosmeri Pod-Singers, who magically persuade Valenwood trees to grow into houses, wear clothes entirely made of animal leather and quills, but such is the mandate of the Green Pact. And they look good doing it!
Desert Garden Gala Overdress“We Redguards are a hardy people,” says designer Sar’aq of Sentinel, “and like to stage our ceremonies outside in the open, regardless of the weather. With this elegant overdress, crafted of materials as durable as they are sumptuous, a lady can celebrate the most festive of occasions—even in a sandstorm!”
Dibella’s Doll Mask PackWhen worshipers of Dibella wish to honor the Lady of Love by engaging in anonymous bestowal of affection, they don an exquisite porcelain Dibella’s Doll Mask. This bundle includes the Dibella’s Doll Mask for Humans and Elves as well as two variations, for Khajiiti and Argonians.
Doeskin-and-Chamois Woods WearAccording to Stitchmaster Moneriel, the Garb-Spinner of Elden Root, “Covering yourself from head to toe makes perfect sense … if you’re a stuffy old Breton! Ha! But you’ll feel free and easy in any social situation in this light doeskin-and-chamois affair accented with turquoise and sea-beads.”
Dragon Priest CostumeOnce, it is said, a cult of Dragon-worshippers ruled all of northern Tamriel. Their leaders were Dragon Priests, cruel clerics of great power who hid their faces under magical masks. Now you can assume the semblance of these legendary and awe-inspiring magi. Because a visage that instills terror in all who behold it is a great conversation-starter at parties.
Dragon Warrior CostumeTales have come down to us from the legendary time of the Dragons, when it was said that some Nords were born with actual Dragon blood in their veins, and were called something like Kyne’s Doves, or Dove-Kin. Now you can wear the look of these legendary Dragon Warriors, horned helm and all!
Dungeon ExplorerReady to adventure in places filled with hideous monsters, traps, and other surprises? Dress appropriately with the Dungeon Explorer costume! (Equipping this costume will hide your shield when stowed.)
Egg-Sister Bias-Cut Casual Wear“Simple yet stylish, most advantageous for displaying one’s tattoos and markings,” says Jaxa-Kel, who found these designs by her relative, the elusive Hermit, at a clothiers’ bench near some Barsaebic ruins in Shadowfen.
Elven HeroThis costume pays tribute to a legendary High Elven hero of the Aldmeri Dominion. Now you can honor this nameless Altmer by adopting her epic appearance.
Elven Hero ArmorThis costume pays tribute to a High Elven hero of the Aldmeri Dominion whose deeds in Cyrodiil in the Alliance War are legendary. Now you can honor this nameless Altmer by adopting her epic appearance.
Evening DressOf course you need armor when you’re monster hunting or dungeon crawling, but if you’re attending an exchange of Oaths of Mara, or just hanging out with your guildies in the tavern, some elegant civilian attire might feel more comfortable. This handsome evening dress is appropriate for events anywhere in Tamriel.
Falkreath ThaneEven the toughest Nord warrior prefers to fight for Skyrim while looking good. This classic Nord kilted jerkin outfit projects the confidence and authority of a Falkreath fighting clan chief—complete with the traditional horned helmet!
Flatbrim Mourning Hat PackBundle including three Flatbrim Hats: the Modest Mourning Hat, Deluxe Mourning Hat, and Plumed Mourning Hat. It’s important to honor the deceased on the days of remembrance for the dead, but that doesn’t mean the living have to look dull and dowdy!
Floral Skull FascinatorFlowers! For your head! Flaunt your colorful style with this hat, and bring floral joy to everyone around you.
Forge-Wife’s Impervious Frock“You can still look sharp while you hammer out a dagger!” says Orc-tailor Borzighu. “Our Forge-Wife’s Frock, spun from non-flammable gray scathecraw fibers, protects you from cinders, soot, hot embers, and even spatters of molten metal. Hot!”
Glenmoril Witch RobesIt’s only natural! The witches of the Glenmoril Wyrd covens worship natural laws and nature, mostly in its darker aspects—though some also celebrate life and fertility, particularly in the spring of the year. These robes are specially woven for that spring festival.
Graht-Climber’s Active WearThe famous Wood Elf tailor known as Stitchmaster Moneriel says, “We all have days when we have to climb the graht-oak to clean the house-pod gutters. Does that mean you have to dress like a frump? Of course not! Look trim and stylish in my latest halter-and-skirt outfit from Elden Root!”
Grazelands Gentlemer Farmer“Just because you’re reclaiming the wastelands from the barbaric Ashlanders doesn’t mean you have to dress like a savage,” says Davon’s Watch designer Voldsea Arvel. “You’re a proud House Dunmer, so why not look like one?”
Hakoshae Festival CostumeEnjoy Hakoshae’s Proving Festival—or any celebration—in style with this stunning ensemble brought back to life by Magnate Feina-Darak.
Hat Pack: Winter BroadbrimsWinter is here, and it’s time to look dashing, through the snow! This festive bargain bundle includes the Winter Corsage, Winter Garland, and Winter Wreath Broadbrim hats.
High Rock Pioneer Outfit“Even a rugged pioneer of the borderlands can show some distinctive Breton style,” says Lady Eloisse, lead fashion designer of House Manteau. “Our traditional linen shirt is stylish, durable, and suitable for any occasion!”
High-Collared Coin Ball GownBretons like to display their wealth through their apparel, as shown by the rich fabric and glistening ornamentation of this outfit designed by Lady Eloisse of House Manteau. “The coins are both decorative, and symbolic of one who has achieved a certain status in the world.”
House of Reveries Mask PackIncludes the Breath of Y’ffre, Tranquil Reverie, Enigmatic Mood, and Garden Serenade Masks. The Breath of Y’ffre gave creation its names and shapes, Tranquil Reverie connotes the serene mind, Enigmatic Mood could turn in any direction, while the Garden Serenade promises gentle repose and loving acceptance.
Imperial Battlemage PackWhat’s more intimidating than an armored spellcaster? Command respect with three different armor sets as worn by the Imperial Battlemages of Cyrodiil, from the sensible field outfit of the Battlemage Scout Captain to the magnificent gilt armor of the Battlemage Palatine.
Imperial City Temple TunicThose who venerate the Eight Aedra as defined by Saint Alessia follow a proud tradition that dates back to the founding of the First Empire of Cyrodiil. As designer Diocletia of Skingrad says, “In this shimmering satin confection, you’ll look your best while pouring out a libation to the Divines—or just toasting your friends at the corner tavern. Class always tells!”
Imperial Officer PackSneer at those barbarians from the provinces while garbed as an Imperial officer! This pack includes costumes of three different armor sets as worn by Tribunes and Centurions of the Imperial Legions. Hail the Red Diamond!
Jarl’s Deluxe Moot Regalia“Someday East and West Skyrim will be reunited and the Jarls will gather in a Moot to select a new High King,” says Jork, the Tailor-Thane of Windhelm. “But that day may be a long time coming, so you might as well wear this noble outfit now!”
Jarl’s Justice Formal Frock“We Nords tend to be an informal people at most times, but when a Jarl sits to decide a legal case, it’s important that our system of law be honored with the proper attire!” —Jork, the Tailor-Thane of Windhelm
Jester’s Festival Hat PackJest for you—three jester’s hats, no waiting: the Bi-Color Coxcomb Cap, the Ass-Ears Cap, and the Fool’s Cap and Masque. Jingly!
Jhunal’s Owl MaskWise-Wing the Owl is associated in northern Tamriel with the god Jhunal or Julianos. During the Witches Festival she is said to warn the unwary away from graveyards and witches’ covens. Her owl mask is sure to inspire others to trust in your wisdom! It’s a real hoot.
Khajiiti Dragon Priest Mask PackCan’t decide which Dragon priest you want to be? We’ve assembled the full array of intimidating masks in this pack, which includes the Dread-Etched Dragon Priest Mask, the Scorched Dragon Priest Mask, and the Terrorgleam Dragon Priest Mask.
Kinlord’s Alinor AttireEven if you’re not a kinlord, every High Elf is a noble at heart, and wants something in his wardrobe suitable for attendance at Alinor’s Royal Palace. This majestic Elven ensemble is just the thing!
Lizardly Four-Fabric Skirt Set“The Hermit presents the latest in silky swamp chic,” says Jaxa-Kel, “combining flax, feathers, alit-scales, and spun dank-cotton in contrasting layers of chevrons and lightning. So lizardly!”
Mages Guild PackHunt for lore books in style in clothes that declare your membership in the prestigious Mages Guild! This costume pack includes some of the most commonly-seen Guild uniforms, including research robes, legging outfits, and formal robes.
Magnifica’s Sundas Wear“In Hammerfell, our Crown nobility prefer clothing simple and traditional in cut, but rich and varied in material,” says designer Sar’aq of Sentinel. “This ensemble is appropriate for both receiving noble guests and visiting others.”
Majestic “Dune Rider” EnsembleDominate the desert! Sar’aq of Sentinel has outdone himself with this elegant outfit inspired by the legend of Prince Ahzzad the Dune Rider. Anyone would look princely in this ensemble of midnight linen and leather, accented with shining silver brocade. Exquisite!
Marshlord Formal Bugshell RobesFor the Saxhleel who dares to scintillate, reclusive genius Jaxa the Hermit presents this season’s must-have formal-wear, the multi-layered Marshlord robe set, sewn with the shiny shells of thousands of tiny swamp insects. Majestic!
Midyear Mayhem CrownsThis bundle includes all three Imperial crowns celebrating the Midyear Mayhem event: the Circlet, the Coronet, and the Diadem.
Moon-Sugar Festival Suit“When the Moon-Sugar cane is ripe for harvest, and Jone and Jode are both waning crescents, it’s time for the sweetest festival of the year,” says designer Samsu the Sleek. “This Festival Suit blends five different silks so you’ll look shiny and sharp!”
Moonshadow Wings MaskThe Lepidopterans are a sect of Azura cultists who conceal their features with elaborate butterfly masks. These have recently become a fad among the jaded youth of mainland Morrowind—and now you can wear one, too!
Naryu’s Morag Tong CostumeNaryu Virian, the Morag Tong assassin, is nothing if not practical, and her functional, stealth-friendly leather armor provides vital protection without compromising her agile acrobatics—or sharp good looks.
Nedic Armor PackGo ancestral! In Tamriel, ancient doesn’t mean primitive. This costume pack includes three examples of the distinctive armor of the long-lost Nedes, drawing from the historical tribes of the Keptu, the Duraki, and the Perena.
New Life Festival CapCelebrate the turning of the year and the return of Magnus the Sun in this festive New Life cap. With a bobbing ball of fur on the end of its tapering blue velvet wimple, everyone will know you’re the life of the festival!
New Life Monk’s CapFor those who wish to celebrate New Life without tawdry and garish display, we offer this more modest festival hat, well suited to monks, simple merchants, and holy knights vowed to poverty. Because New Life is for everyone!
New Moon Dragon Cult GarbDragons have ascended! And now you can show off your affiliation with them. After all, they are the most powerful creatures in Tamriel and deserve the reverence you give freely.
New Moons Cross-Sash Robe“Two dark moons mean bad luck,” says designer Samsu the Sleek, “but a whole series of new moons says the opposite: that one has survived adversity, and even prospered! That’s the message of this handsome new robe, in breathable cotton and linen.”
Nibenese Noble PackThis bundle includes both the Nibenese Noble’s Shawled Robe and the Nibenese Laurel Coronet. The robe was designed by Diocletia of Skingrad as both active wear and an elegant evening gown, while the coronet is just the thing for looking down your noble nose at lesser mortals!
Nightmare Demon Mask PackIncarnate the anger of Oblivion itself with this visage of nightmare terror evoking the dreaded Dremora at their most frightening. This bundle includes the Nightmare Daemon Mask for Humans and Elves along with the variations for Khajiiti and Argonians. Daemonic!
Noble DressPlanning to attend a soirée with the important and the self-important? This elegant satin dress is the last word in aristocratic sophistication. Suitable for occasions anywhere in Tamriel where refined splendor is called for.
Noble SuitWondering what the best-dressed Tamrielic gentleman is wearing this season? Concerned that you might be out of place or out of style? Worry no more! Show some class with this opulent yet restrained aristocrat’s ensemble for the high-toned and the haughty.
Nord HeroThis costume pays tribute to a legendary Nord hero of the Ebonheart Pact. Now you can honor this nameless warrior by adopting his savage appearance.
Nordic Knot Doublet and Breeches“Nordic Knot designs symbolize the heritage of the people of Skyrim,” says designer Jork of Windhelm. “This upscale ensemble pays tribute to that tradition, and looks sharp even on those not lucky enough to be Nords.”
Off-the-Shoulder Evening DressLady Eloisse of House Manteau offers this traditional Breton evening dress. As she puts it, “Ostentation is vulgar, but true elegance never goes out of style!” Whether you’re entertaining or being entertained, this is the outfit for you.
Orc Wise Woman’s Vestment“As the Wise Woman of your clan, or the Hunt-Wife on ceremonial days, you must project both grace and authority,” says designer Borzighu the Tidy. “Count on my gilt-broidered vestment to provide that, and more!”
Ordinator PackNothing says “Stop right there, criminal scum!” like the uniform of a Mournhold Ordinator! This pack includes the classic Ordinator armor as seen on the Tribunal’s meanest enforcers, plus the uniform of the Hands of Almalexia, and the elite Night-Raid armor worn when the moons are new for midnight round-ups of heretics and drunken Nords.
Pirate Costume PackThe pirates of the Abecean Sea are among Tamriel’s fiercest sea raiders—and they have a style all their own, which you can adopt when you don these jaunty and rakish costumes! This pack comes with three outfits, from basic sea rover attire to a buccaneer first mate’s rig! And you can display your body art with pride, as these are costumes designed with your tattoos in mind.
Priest of the GreenIn Valenwood they’re called Spinners; in High Rock, Vicars of Jephre. Wherever they go, the traveling priests of Y’ffre the Storyteller are respected as holy defenders of nature and the natural world. And if bandits are sacrilegious enough to pose a threat to them, their clothing enables them to blend gracefully into the background and pass unmolested.
Priestess of Mara CostumeShow your devotion to the Goddess of Love and Nurture with these Priestess of Mara vestments. Across Tamriel, even cultures that don’t regard Mara as a major Divine recognize her as the patroness of marriage, invoked at every mortal wedding.
Queen’s-Eye SpymasterYou wish to maintain a low profile and yet exude competence, sexy coolness, and undeniable predatory intimidation all at once, yes? Then this one advises investing in a Queen’s-Eye Spymaster costume and then flipping a coin in the tavern’s dark corner
Rajhin’s Cat MaskFeeling feline? Get cat-faced! During the Witches Festival, no one perpetrates more cunning and devious tricks than Rajhin the Footpad, the Purring Liar. This mask enables you to adopt one of the many faces of that consummate trickster.
Ranger’s Crocskin Overkilt“Durable, flexible, mudproof, and stylish,” says the latest missive from designer Jaxa the Hermit delivered by his mute daughter. “What more could a Saxhleel want from a Crocskin Overkilt? Glowing torchbug buttons? Actually, that’s not a bad idea….”
Rawhide-Laced Riften JerkinJork the Tailor-Thane says, “Summer may be short in Riften, but when it finally comes the Nords greet it with open arms. And how better than in this patterned sleeveless jerkin, accented with rawhide laces?”
Reeve’s Formal AppearanceNo one has more respect for their Ceremoniarchy and its functionaries than the High Elves: dignity and a high self-regard are the watchwords of an Altmeri Reeve. This outfit represents the Summerset administrator in all his glory!
Renegade Dragon PriestSure, Dragon Priests were evil overlords who ruled mortals in the name of tyrannical Dovah, but what a fashion sense they had! Now you can adopt the appearance of the Renegade Dragon Priest from Scalecaller.
Reveries Operatic Mask PackGo theatrical! Four more melodramatic House of Reveries Masks, including the Flowervine, Red Visage, Quarto, and Veiled Masks. Flowervine is chosen when an actor must represent growth, nature, or an aspect of Y’ffre; when the Red Visage appears onstage, expect tragedy; the Quarto is the face of the Unreliable Narrator; and the Veiled Mask represents a character whose motives are obscure.
Rumare Waterfront Casual WearThough inspired by the raffish attire of roustabouts on the Imperial Waterfront, this casual outfit is made of the finest materials, and according to designer Diocletia, it’s a superior choice for daytime wear in any of the Imperial City’s six districts.
Sand-Kissed Salwar EnsembleExplaining his latest fashion creation, designer Sar’aq says, “It’s hot in the Alik’r Desert; in our environment, women prefer light clothing that lets cooling breezes reach the skin. But I mean to show that comfort and refinement are in no way incompatible!”
Sentinel Vest and Salvar“To those who do not live in the desert heat, it seems strange that we wear long sleeves and trousers,” says Sar’aq of Sentinel, “but really, nothing is more practical than a long, billowing pair of salvar breeches.”
Seyda Neen Jodhpur Ensemble“Don’t think, just because they’re involved in trade, that the folk of House Hlaalu don’t know how to dress,” says Davon’s Watch couturier Voldsea Arvel. “This grand new outfit I designed for them combines practicality with genuine House Dunmer class.”
Shrike’s Nocturnal Frocko you like to keep to the shadows, yet long for a striking look of your own? This will give you something to crow about! Any admirer of the Prince of Night and Darkness will appreciate this eye-catching costume.
Silvenari Felt BycoketThis bycoket is the dashing felt cap worn by the Silvenar’s Own Jaqspurs, the famous archers who form the personal guard of the Bosmer “Voice of the People.” This elite unit has been revived for the Aldmeri Dominion by the latest Silvenar. Their hat looks as good on men as it does on women.
Skull Face Tattoo PackThis face marking bundle includes the Verdant, Floral, and Spoked Skull Face Tattoos, markings for those who wish to honor the dead on a day of special remembrance—or just want to look coolly intimidating.
Soiree in Camlorn Evening SuitLady Eloisse says, “The highborn Breton prefers clothing that is elegant but austere, harkening back to the High Rock tradition of knightly orders, militant but chivalrous. This trim doublet looks sharp whether you’re a Sir or a Dame. Bright metallic points highlight the buckles and trim.”
Solitude Stevedore’s Jerkin“The Nord stevedores who work the docks below the great stone arch of Solitude have a style all their own,” says Jork the Tailor-Thane of Windhelm. “They take what they like from travelers arriving from all over Tamriel and make it their own. Now you can, too!”
Soul-Shriven PackThis pack includes costumes in various states of raggedness. When the Soul-Shriven arrive in Coldharbour, they are garbed in cast-off armor and clothing taken from the dead. It can be a useful look: sometimes you just want to keep a low profile, and let your enemies underestimate you.
Star-Made WolfsheadEven if your background isn’t Imperial, if you admire history’s greatest warriors, you’ll want to honor Pelinal Whitestrake with this costume from our Midyear Mayhem, the celebration that commemorates the deeds of the Star-Made Knight.
Stealthy Rogues PackFade into the shadows with three costumes any roguish sort will want to get their hands on. Featuring outfits worn in-game by Naryu Virian and Crafty Lerisa along with the Covenant Scout set, you’ll have the right outfit for whatever stealthy escapades you embark on.
Summit Lord’s Silken RobesFor the stylish town Orc, Borzighu the Tidy Tailor of Orsinium has decided the watchwords this season are “restrained elegance.” As he puts it, “We are, at last, proud to be Orcs. Strut your Orcish heritage with style!”
Sun’s Dusk Winter HoodThe New Life Festival is upon us, and we have an array of hats to celebrate! You’ll be toasty warm even in Sun’s Dusk with this festive furry hood, crowned with a spray of lucky mistletoe that will make you welcome everywhere. Pucker up!
Tavern MaidAn outfit both pretty and practical for working the common room of the local tavern.
Telvanni Master WizardLesser mages are often surprised to find that the typical apparel of a Telvanni Master Wizard is more stately than ostentatious. The truth is, Wizard Lords such as Divayth Fyr have no need of gaudy display. Their power lies elsewhere.
Telvanni Wizard-Lord RobeThe Wizard-Lords of the Great House Telvanni measure themselves by magical power rather than by ostentation or display, so the design of their robes is relatively simple and restrained. Don’t be fooled: these are the garments of powerful sorcerers.
Toxin DoctorIf you’re the kind of alchemist who specializes in venoms and poison-making, you’ll invest in special protective garb to keep from being poisoned by your own experiments—or else! And if your clients are just a little bit intimidated by your creepy attire, all the better.
Traveling MerchantMerchants need to look presentable, and those who travel require protection from the elements. With this outfit, you can travel through Tamriel and beyond knowing that you have met both requirements!
Treasure HunterThe serious treasure hunter knows it’s really all about the gear. Whether you’re exploring subterranean catacombs, ancient ruins, or a shattered shipwreck, when you run into an obstacle, you want to have the right tool at hand. This outfit will tell everyone who sees it that you’re a loot-hound who means business.
Treethane Ceremonial Dress“Some occasions call for formal wear,” says Stitchmaster Moneriel of Elden Root. “You may have to clothe yourself in stately attire to attend an important event, but fear not—you can still turn heads from trunk to treetop in my thousand-beaded ceremonial dress!”
Treethane’s Mosaic JerkinThe thousands of small shiny particles that decorate the Treethane’s Mosaic Jerkin may appear at first glance to be of turquoise or other precious stones, but they are actually the iridescent carapaces of deep forest beetles. Dazzling!
Vengeance Day Dress“Malacath’s Vengeance Day is coming up soon, and you’ll want to look your best for it!” says Borzighu of Orsinium. “Being Orcs, naturally we think about revenge every day, but Vengeance Day is still our favorite!”
Wayrest Suede Doublet Ensemble“There’s no reason why everyday wear has to look frumpy!” says Lady Eloisse, Couturier of House Manteau. “A man likes to look good when he’s at his trade, and what looks better than a sharp suede doublet over fitted velveteen breeches?”
Wedding SuitWhen planning a special occasion you’ll remember for the rest of your adventuring career, deciding what to wear is not the least important matter. This dashing ensemble is perfect for exchanging Rings of Mara—or for surviving a wild skooma party. Because you know, style over substance.
Whisperweft Gala Wear“A Redguard lady’s clothing can be elegant and ornamental, while still light enough to keep the wearer cool during the heat of the day,” according to Sar’aq of Sentinel. “In this attire, you’ll float through the room like a zephyr!”
Winter Broadbrim Hat PackWinter is here, and it’s time to look dashing, through the snow! This festive bargain bundle includes the Winter Corsage, Winter Garland, and Winter Wreath Broadbrim hats.
Winter Scouts PackAre you seeking adventure in the continent’s north woods? These costumes replicate those worn by wilderness scouts in northern Tamriel, including those of the Orcs of Wrothgar, the Pact Nords of Eastern Skyrim, and the non-aligned Nords of Western Skyrim.
Xanmeer Doyen’s Feather TiaraThis gorgeous tiara is replicated from the intricate regalia of the Xanmeer Priesthoods. Wow the crowd at the Arboreal Reverie with this beautiful plumage waving above your brow.
Xanmeer Doyen’s Worship Robe“Corset of kagouti-leather, full skirt of dank-cotton, beaded-shell vambraces and bird-skull pauldrons: everything a Xanmeer Doyen needs when welcoming worshipers into the Arboreal Reverie. The Hermit’s outdone itself this time,” says Jaxa-Kel.
Z’en Vengeance Kiss-Me-Not CapWhen a Wood Elf vows a Vengeance Oath to the god Z’en, they may wear this tusk-encrusted cap as a symbol of having sworn off physical affection until the vendetta is complete. Admittedly, the Kiss-Me-Not is also sometimes worn just as a joke. Because the Bosmer are like that.

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