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Originally published 07/11/2018. Original article can be found here.

Skilled hunter. Devoted daughter. Learn about the Hanu and her path to Hircine’s March of Sacrifices in our first Wolfhunter Meet the Character!

Mistress Dratha – Magister of the House Telvanni

I do not often host Ashlanders, but that is just the task I found myself doing today. A young woman by the name of Hanu arrived in Tel Mora, demanding to speak to me. Out of mere curiosity, I allowed her request.

Hanu’s question was quickly and simply asked; how could she enter Hircine’s Hunting Grounds?

I, of course, first suggested a life of hearty worship of the Daedric Prince, followed by a heroic death. She shook her head, obviously frustrated. Her wish was to enter the Daedric realm alive, and leave in just the same fashion. An intriguing request, but one I had difficulty understanding. Of all the realms in Oblivion, what did the Hunting Grounds have to offer an Aslander who did not devote themselves to Hircine?

Finally, Hanu began to wax sentimental. Her cool façade crumbled as she spoke upon the matter of saving her father’s spirit. A shame. She seemed like such a levelheaded young woman. Still, her vast knowledge of Daedrology intrigued me all the same.

I agreed to help, on the basis that Hanu would share her knowledge once she had returned. The firsthand observation of a Daedric realm is something I could not possibly pass up. And to that end, how lucky was it that I should have just reviewed Pelagius Habor’s dissertation on the Great Hunt?

All I needed was a fresh wolf corpse. Dissecting its stomach allowed me to read its innards, revealing the location of the next Great Hunt. And, once again, how fortunate for Hanu that such a hunt was to occur in only a few weeks’ time. It almost seemed as if some divine presence was easing her path.

Still, I’ll not hold my breath; very few return from Hircine’s March of Sacrifices.

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