Conversation with Antelas, Wood Elven scout

Released In:
Author (in-game): Antelas

“They’ll probably send me out of Valenwood soon. Everyone’s fighting everyone out there. I’m not afraid; being part of a battle doesn’t bother me as much as leaving does. I want to protect our homes, but I wish we didn’t have to leave them to do it. The Thalmor say we can’t just wait for war to come knocking on our door.

I don’t know; the wood has always kept us safe. Who from the outside can even fight their way into it to get to us? If an army attacked, it’d be easy to drive them out. The High Elves have always done just fine sticking to Summerset, too, but now all of the sudden they want to do more. It seems strange, sticking out our necks like this, just inviting a blade to strike them when we have so much safety right here. I’ll miss home. Hope I’ll come back.”

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