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Originally published 5/17/21. Original article can be found here.

Uncover more about the Elder Council, the Imperial rulers of Leyawiin, in this new Blackwood Meet the Character!

The Elder Council: Where Are They Now?

By Adandora, Chronicler-at-Large

The Imperial Elder Council. Once the finest collection of politicians and advisers in Tamriel, but noticeably absent since the fall of the Empire and the start of the Three Banners War. Now, rumors of Abnur Tharn’s exploits spring up like mold on cheese, including the latest reports of Tharn sightings in Northern Elsweyr, but this chronicler seeks to learn what happened to the rest of that illustrious band of legislators and why they aren’t doing more to find a resolution to the ongoing war.

While many of the councilors remain missing and assumed dead in the wake of the atrocities that engulfed the Imperial City, this chronicler located a number of prominent members living in the province of Blackwood. In fact, Chief Councilor Lovidicus, second in power only to High Chancellor Tharn, now serves as a member of the Chamber of Legates in Leyawiin.

Councilor Lovidicus, now technically a legate, retains his original title as a matter of longstanding tradition. Since joining the Leyawiin Chamber of Legates, Lovidicus has risen to prominence and serves as the de facto leader of the august body. Like his fellow councilors, Lovidicus fled to Blackwood to escape the war in Cyrodiil. Since that time, he has served the city of Leyawiin admirably and helped bolster the region’s defenses against the ongoing war.

Councilor Abor once oversaw the workings of the Imperial Legion and has a deep and abiding respect for military training and discipline. She was particularly close to Emperor Leovic when he was still alive, but since retreating to a villa outside Leyawiin, she has kept a low profile and considers herself to be retired from public service. I found her to be arrogant and uncooperative, but perhaps that’s just the way Abor treats anyone she considers to be her lesser.

Councilor Faleria, also retired, nevertheless maintains cordial relations with Lovidicus and the Chamber of Legates in Leyawiin. Her former position as the overseer of the Imperial treasury makes her a valuable adviser when it comes to budgeting and taxation. The legates utilize her often, especially at those times of the year when they are preparing the city’s list of deposits and expenditures. She appears to thoroughly enjoy the work and the attention it continues to bring her.

Councilor Sophus, on the other hand, has practically disappeared from public life. Living in a modest villa in the Blackwood countryside with his wife, he refused to talk to me or discuss his time as an Imperial bureaucrat. He practically commanded his dog, Chareo, to attack me. His wife Lunia was slightly more accommodating, but she also preferred that the past remained buried. Perhaps I can convince them to submit to an interview the next time I visit the area.

Councilor Vandacia comes from a distinguished noble family with deep roots in Gideon and the surrounding region. His record as a member of the Imperial Council of Elders is impeccable, and his service stretches back to the time of Emperor Durcorach. Since the collapse of the Empire, he returned to his family holdings in Gideon and continues to take an active hand in the local politics. He is a constant presence at the Gideon courthouse and governor’s mansion, and Governor Keshu—the war hero also known as the Black Fin—seems to appreciate Vandacia’s advice and willingness to share knowledge. He may not be in charge in Gideon, but he certainly wields an unprecedented level of power in the city.

Councilor Jirich, likewise, continues to serve as an advocate of sorts from her manor and offices in Leyawiin. Nobles and commoners alike visit her manor at all hours of the day and night, seeking to secure his assistance in one matter or another. When they have trouble getting an appointment with Countess Caro of Leyawiin or the Chamber of Legates, they beseech Jirich to get them on the docket. When they find themselves overburdened with an abundance of taxes, they turn to Jirich to help them negotiate an equitable payment plan. She has become a fixer of sorts, a role not unlike the one she reportedly had on the Elder Council. Of course, such is the demand that most require a fixer to help them get in to speak with the ultimate fixer, Councilor Jirich.

There you have it, faithful readers. Six of the most prominent of the surviving Elder Council, living and working in Blackwood. Whether the shadow of Emperor Leovic and the Three Banners War still haunts them in the relative safety of the region is a story for another article. Rest assured that this chronicler is already hard at work on it even as you read this.

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