Meet the Character: Eveli Sharp-Arrow (Blackwood)

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Originally published 02/23/2021 as part of the Blackwood preview. Original article can be found here. Not to be confused with the 2015 Eveli Meet the Character, which was part of the Wrothgar preview.

A true adventurer at heart, Eveli Sharp-Arrow is a talented archer, capable warrior, and enthusiastic companion. Learn about the Wood Elf scout in this Meet the Character.

Farrul Lupus,

I admit I was surprised when your letter arrived, old friend. I haven’t heard from you since before Emperor Leovic bled out on his own throne. To be frank, I thought you were dead.

As to the matter of your request, yes, I do know of an adventurer who would be perfect for the task as you described it. I will say that you were purposely vague on many of the pertinent details, but I got the general idea. I suggest you contact Eveli Sharp-Arrow and offer her the job.

Let me tell you about Eveli Sharp-Arrow. She’s a Wood Elf, born and raised in Valenwood. She has very little experience in the wider world, but her heart’s that of a true adventurer. I’ve been watching her with great interest since coming here after the fall of the Longhouse Emperors. Even though it’s no longer my stock in trade, I can’t help looking for and evaluating talent. And although she’s young and untested, Eveli possesses an excess of talent.

First, Eveli comes from a long line of Wood Elf hunters, scouts, and warriors. All of that tradition and training is evident in the way she carries herself: with confidence and determination. She’s an expert with the bow, her weapon of choice, and I’ve seen her loose a dozen arrows in rapid succession, each shaft hitting its mark. In a land of skilled archers, this young woman stands above them all as a master despite her tender age.

Second, Eveli reads every book she can get her hands on. Novels, histories, lineages—she devours them all. She particularly loves adventure stories and mysteries, however, and tells anyone who will listen that her personal hero is the fictitious Investigator Vale. Since part of your task involved the retrieval of an ancient tome, this aspect of her personality will serve you well.

Third, I’m not the only one to have noticed young Eveli’s special talents. The Eyes of the Queen have been watching her as well, though I doubt they realize that they’ve been recognized. I’m much better at spycraft than this particular agent of Queen Ayrenn. I recommend you contact Eveli immediately and offer her the adventure she craves before you lose her to the Aldmeri Dominion. As I believe I’ve made clear, she’s the ideal candidate for the job you need handled.

Eveli Sharp-Arrow is eager to prove herself and find adventure. She has a big heart and the courage of a dozen Elves, but her naiveté and inexperience can be used to manipulate her in ways that would not be possible with a more seasoned operative. She has the skill and bravery to get the job done, and she’s determined to make a name for herself. What could be more perfect for your purposes?

I’ve seen her do some amazing things here in Valenwood. That bow of hers … it’s like an extension of her body. She can empty a quiver in a few seconds, with each loosed arrow finding the exact target she aimed for. She’s bright and cheerful to a fault, has the curiosity of a Khajiit, and loves to quote Wood Elf wisdom to anyone who will listen. It’s all part of her charm.

So, Farrul, Eveli Sharp-Arrow is exactly who you need. Trust me when I say this. This young Wood Elf will accomplish everything you need and then some. Have I ever failed you before?

Auditia Lentulus, Former Spymaster to the Longhouse Emperors

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