Meet the Character: Jorvuld Davaux

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Originally published 01/18/2018. Original article can be found here.

Tamriel’s lost ruins and temples tempt more than just brave adventurers and treasure hunters. Enterprising scholars and academics also have a keen interest in lost sites and buried secrets. Read about one such scholar in our latest Meet the Character!

Headmistress Guillon,

I endorse, and this comes with no hesitation on my part, Jorvuld Davaux’s proposed exploration of Scalecaller Peak. While I share your concerns about the hazards of such an expedition, I also can think of no one more suited to uncover the secrets of Zaan the Scalecaller. Davaux is one of the most resourceful and rational academics we have at our disposal. If anyone can accomplish this task, it is him.

I also understand your hesitation in the importance of such a short-lived Dragon Priest, a hesitation shared by many academics throughout history. However, Davaux’s observations are correct. It is well documented that Zaan’s connection to her dragon Thurvokun was unusually robust, though the nature of this connection has been little speculated upon. To think that this may lead to a better understanding of the connection between Dragon Priests and their Dragon Lords is an exciting prospect, and well worth the funding that Davaux has requested.

For years, Davaux has given his all to this institution, asking little in return. You’ll find none more passionate about the mysteries of Dragon Priests, or more hard working to uncover those mysteries. It would be an absolute travesty to deny him funding at this point. Let him go, I say. Let’s see what he’s truly capable of. I don’t believe we’ll regret it.

Yours Sincerely,
Professor Chamrond


As for your inquiry towards the nature of Davaux’s markedly Nordish given name, I believe this part of his family’s customs. His mother Torrelda, who I had the great pleasure of working alongside several years ago, often spoke of her strong lineage of Nord scholars. I can only speculate that Davaux is named after Jorvuld the Reserved, a commander known for his rational thinking and defensive tactics; traits that did not make him a particularly popular within the Nord community.

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