Meet the Character: King Kurog

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Originally published 10/08/2015. Original article can be found here.

Join us as we meet one of the new characters you'll encounter while playing through the Orsinium DLC game pack story. In this Meet the Character entry, you'll learn a little about Kurog gro-Orsinium the warrior-king, reigning monarch of the Orcs.

Royal Communique: For the Eyes of High King Emeric

Your Majesty,

As requested, I have traveled to the new city of Orsinium to report on the progress of your friend and ally, King Kurog. Contrary to the state of affairs presented to you by Kurog himself during his last visit to Wayrest, the Orcs aren't a united nation and the city is far from complete. Despite Kurog's proclamation of kingship, many of the clans still operate as independent city-states, and some clan chiefs directly oppose Kurog's reign. Regardless, the king continues to promote his agenda of a united Orsimer nation and a rebuilt Orc city. If anyone can succeed at these momentous tasks, it is definitely Kurog gro-Orsinium.

Through all these difficulties, King Kurog remains an imposing figure. He really is the ultimate warrior-king. He's strong and savage in battle, boisterous and fun-loving in private, and utterly ruthless in politics. He has an amazing appetite for life in general, as well as a singular love of food and drink. In some ways, Kurog reminds me of an exuberant child—full of wide-eyed wonder and a sense of humor that ranges from Orcishly crude to remarkably sophisticated. In many ways, he's a true conundrum: carefree and gleeful one moment, brooding and deadly the next.

Kurog believes that the time has come for the Orsimer to change; change their religion, change their traditions. “Our customs served us well in the past, but now they hold us back," the king has said on numerous occasions. “It makes it very difficult to have a civil discourse about anything of substance if someone, sooner or later, is going to reach for something sharp or heavy to promote his or her own point of view."

Is Kurog a worthy ally? Yes, I believe that he is. Will his program to rebuild the Orc city of Orsinium and unite the Orc clans into a single nation succeed? I hesitate to make predictions, but I can tell you with all sincerity—I believe in King Kurog. I believe that when he brings his intellect and his considerable strength of will to bear, he can succeed at whatever he sets out to accomplish. If nothing else, under Kurog's rule, Wrothgar is in for interesting times. Very interesting, indeed!

Zephrine Frey, Royal Chronicler of Wayrest

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