Comments of Nilmila Aravel, guar-herd

Released In:
Author (in-game): Nilmila Aravel

“Outlanders aren’t usually prepared when they visit Morrowind for the first time. They marvel, jaws agape, at the towering fungi, cough in the ash-filled winds, and are frightened by many of the native creatures—particularly the insectoid kwama, floating netches, and the many two-legged reptilian beasts. 

They often balk at our traditional foods, too, I’ve noticed. Their response to scuttle, our beetle-cheese, is humorous. To us Dark Elves, though, there is no better home; this is the place our ancestors followed Saint Veloth across Tamriel to claim so long ago. Adapting to its challenges and prevailing over it has forged us, made us stronger than those from the other regions of Tamriel. We would prefer no other land.”

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