Meet the Character: Alchemy of the House of Reveries

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Originally published 04/25/2018. Original article can be found here.

The House of Reveries includes of some of Summerset's most talented actors, musicians, and artists, but few stand out like the mysterious Alchemy. Read about the newest addition to the performing troupe in this latest Meet the Character.

Dearest Grand Maestro Forte,

I would first like to thank you ever so much for placing Alchemy within my troupe. What a true delight she has been to me! Her passion for performance is simply unmistakable. She throws herself into every lesson with a certain fearlessness, whether it be fencing, singing, even juggling! Every day she seems to master a new craft, and every day she shines just a little bit brighter.

The House of Reveries has always been renowned for our wonderful performers, and I have a feeling that Alchemy will soon be known as one of our greatest. Though her skills as an actress are still developing, her stage presence is undeniable. You and I both well know there are some things you simply cannot teach. The way that Alchemy draws in a crowd and keeps them on the edge of their seats, well, it seems to come as naturally to her as breathing.

She's simply dazzling, Forte, there's no other way to state it.

Still, I worry about our poor darling. There's a sadness in her eyes sometimes, and slump within her shoulders. At first, I thought the pressure was getting to her, but now I'm not so sure. If anything, she seems to delve further within her work to forget something. Or someone, perhaps? Of course, I would never delve within a troupe member's background, but you know how I worry. And so, however much I hate to part with my newfound favorite, I believe a change of pace is called for.

With a heavy heart, I must recommend Alchemy return to Rellenthil in order to benefit from your most excellent tutelage. Perhaps you can find a way to heal the sorrow which seems to dull her eyes. In any case, as one of the few who know of her past, she may at least find you a steady confidant for whatever ails her.

I also know that you've lately struggled to secure a mentor for our troupe's Hopefuls. May I suggest our lovely lady take up that role? She has a good eye for talent, and a good heart for those who struggle. In any case, I've always found aiding others to help ease the burdens of my heart. Perhaps she will as well.

Yours lovingly,
Maestro Engima

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