Crown Store Showcase: Adornments and Hair

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Adorable AssassinKnock ’em dead with this casual hairstyle popularized by the Dark Elf assassins of Morrowind. You’ll look nonchalant and deadly regardless of your background.
Barbarian Warrior PackA barbaric bundle that includes a Warrior Topknot, Beard, Warpaint, Piercings, and a Leather Brow Band. Back off, you civilized sweetrolls—Barbarian Warrior coming through!
Barbaric Beauty PackThis wild cosmetic bundle includes Windblown Hair, the Wire Half-Mask, Eye-Briar Gemmed Tattoo, Dangling Earrings, and Dark Emphasis Eyelashes. Savage!
Brigand’s BeardProudly masculine facial hair, the Brigand’s Beard projects authority, power, and a devil-may-care attitude. And it’ll keep your chin and upper lip warm as the weather starts to turn cold.
Climbing Briar Face TattooThe Climbing Briar’s twisting shoots symbolize your indomitable life force, while its thorns proclaim that you’re willing and able to defend yourself against all adversaries. And it’s stylish into the bargain!
Cosmetic Pack: Face MarkingsThe first thing they notice about you is your face, and it’s the last thing they forget. Now, for one price, you can have full access to the broad selection of tattoos and face markings in the character creator of the base game.
Crest with Pony BraidThis topknot crest descending into a triple-wrapped braided ponytail is both warlike and practical, and is often worn by those soldiers who worship Alkosh, the Dragon-Cat.
Dragonfly Wing LashesHere’s a touch of bright and exotic iridescence that will draw all eyes to your eyes, for a lash adornment that’s pure magicka. This will bring them up close and personal.
Fine Upstanding SpinesDo you want to stand out from the crowd down at the mud-wallow? Erect the spines of high fashion! And add in a couple of upturned petite nose horns to seal the deal. Xuth!
Golden Brow WingA golden wing on the forehead bespeaks an Argonian who looks up from the mud to behold the sky. The Lizard-Folk of Black Marsh don’t worship the Nord goddess Kyne, but they do recognize and revere the power of the wind and the rain.
Goldenwing CircletA circlet of beaten gold influenced by the winged chevrons worn by the Nord priesthood of Kyne. Nords call themselves the “Sons and Daughters of Kyne,” but she’s also closely identified with Kynareth of the Bretons and Imperials and Khenarthi of the Khajiit.
Head Horns AplentyYou could put horns on top of your head, but everybody does that—only the truly original would think to put them on their chin!
Horned Brow PlateFeeling Daedric? Get Oblivious with the Horned Brow Plate—now with faux rivets! Not even Dremora have those on their heads.
Lizard Rhinoceros Head AdornmentAttention Argonians! Even more legendary than the unicorn is that imaginary two-horned beast called the “rhinoceros.” Live the legend with Lizard Rhinoceros horns!
Long Elven BraidThere’s always been a lot of cultural interchange between the Wood Elves and the Catfolk, and it even shows up in their hairstyles, as in the popular Long Elven Braid style. It’s like having three extra tails!
Long Foregathered ManeAre you a Khajiit who wants to express your inner feline dignity? This Cat-Folk warriors’ favorite consists of a handsome long mane, gathered in three places by turquoise-studded pewter clasps. Fierce, but not too informal!
Long Patriarch BeardAdmit it: you want respect, even if you haven’t earned it. A long beard curled with the wisdom of years confers authority on any face, regardless of age.
Long Wild Locks HairIf you think you’re a poet, then others will know it—when you wear the Long Wild Locks. Who’s got the hair that drives ’em wild when playing tavern bard at the inn? You do, Skald-King.
Multi-Spined Skull CrestHere’s one with attitude: this menacing look is a favorite of surly teen-aged Argonians in the more unsavory parts of Gideon.
Prize-Hunter’s PatchHad your eye on the prize a bit too much, eh? Well, cover up that wound with this stylish patch.
Ragged Royal PageBangs with ear-length sides is the hallmark hairstyle of Royal Pages across Tamriel. This variant is a little wilder, for a page with rage.
Sabre Cat Ear SpikeThough Sabre Cats aren’t native to Black Marsh, Argonians have long admired their fangs, importing them to serve as adornments. (And as they lack external ears, the Lizard-Folks’ use of the term can be confusing!)
Sabre Cat Ear-FangThe sabre-teeth of northern Tamriel’s great hunting cats make truly imposing earrings! These are often worn by hunters as a boast that they’re “sharp of hearing.”
Sailor’s Squid GoateeThe double-waxed “Squid Goatee” is a favorite of the dapper sailors of Tamriel’s southern coasts, where tentacle-beards never go out of style. So nautical!
Short-Spiked CrestNo feathers or frilly spines for you: you’re a lizard who means serious business, and you want others to know it. Here’s how. If you’ve always wanted to look like the teeth of a circular saw were erupting from your cranium, then this is the style for you.
Sidelong SweepNord sea raiders from the coasts of Skyrim first popularized this style, a visible demonstration of its wearer’s commitment to going all-in. Not for the cautious.
Subtle Dark LashesA little understatement can do wonders. When you want to emphasize your lovely eyes without going overboard on something like exotic or stage makeup, Subtle Dark Lashes are just the right touch.
The Casual RascalEveryone knows somebody who wears this head of hair: they may lead you into mischief, but you know you’ll have a good time. Now you, too, can be the group’s Bad Influence.
The Heroic PoetOh, you romantic devil, tossing off quatrains and epigrams as you charge into battle to defend the underdog! I’m talking to you, burgeoning bards of Tamriel: you know who you are, and this is your hair!
The Standing WaveDo you stand tall and proud, adventurer? Then so should your hair! Add an extra foot to your height with The Standing Wave, the hairdo that’s sweeping the Fighters Guild.
The Tousled BardWhat could be more romantic than a singing poet—especially with artfully-mussed tousled hair? They’ll be begging you to bear them off to Mara’s altar.
Tousled Temple TuftsHey, kitten, what’s sexier than that just-got-out-of-bed look … on tufts of hair in front of your ears? Nothing, that’s what. (Assuming you’re a Khajiit, of course.)
Warrior-Poet Skull Tattoo‘Colorful and intimidating. Truly, these markings bring the fire of the warrior-poet to your spirit as well as to your face.’—Artist-Adept Aimira
Wavy Triple Braided UpdoInspired by the mesas and buttes of southern Hammerfell, this updo is a striking look for your next semi-formal affair. It’s a hairstyle Prince Hew himself would have been proud to wear.
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