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Originally published 04/28/2021. Original article can be found here.

Discover Bastian Hallix, one of the two new Companions you can recruit during your adventures in the upcoming Blackwood Chapter.

To Larz-Tul:

Greetings, root-brother. I am writing to warn you about a problem. A mage named Bastian Hallix is asking questions about gambling dens in Leyawiin’s harbor districts. He represents the Silvelles, a noble trading house of Daggerfall, and he believes that some egg-kin of the family—a fellow named Quistley Silvelle—may have visited businesses under your control. I doubt that Bastian Hallix knows or cares who runs things in Leyawiin, but he intends to follow this Quistley’s trail wherever it might lead. It seems likely that, sooner or later, he will wind up at the door to your hut.

Normally, I would not worry myself about your nest. You know best how to manage your own business. But this Bastian Hallix is a talented battlemage, handy with both staff and sword, and he is nothing if not determined. He is the sort of dryskin who kicks down or blows up any obstacle you put in his path, as I learned the hard way. Earlier today, Bastian Hallix’s search for Quistley Silvelle led him to me. I have nothing to do with any missing Silvelles, but I don’t stand for anyone prying into my affairs. I sent three of my blades to waylay him when he returned to his inn. Hallix roasted poor Neriemus with a fire bolt, knocked Janetia senseless with a single blow from his staff, and then disarmed Claws-in-Shadow and stabbed him with his own sword.

After that xulunaht, I decided to look into what he wanted and how to get rid of him.

My spies learned that Bastian Hallix’s egg-sire was Lord Martel Hallix of Daggerfall. Lord Hallix angered High King Emeric many years ago—how, my sources did not say—and the house was stripped of its lands and titles. Bastian was fostered with the Silvelle family and grew up under their roof. He works for the family as a roving troubleshooter, looking after their interests wherever they do business. He acts like more of a hired specialist than a lord’s son, but be careful with him. The Silvelles have gold, and we don’t want to stumble into a fight with them.

You will know Bastian when you see him. He is a fit, red-headed mage of thirty years or so, and he appears to exist in a constant state of annoyance—I don’t think he’s happy being sent to fetch a wayward Silvelle. Don’t be misled by his hemming and hawing. He acts like he lacks confidence and fears confrontation, but it turns out he is more about actions than words.

Fortunately, he is also a trusting sort. When he returned to me after my crew ambushed him, I had little trouble convincing him I had nothing to do with it and sent him on his way. Feed him a likely story, and you should be able to keep him out of your mud pit. For a time, anyway.

Hallix has the persistence of a hungry haj mota. Make it a good story, and make sure it sends him far away from Blackwood. That’s my advice. Use it as you may.

Pungent Adder

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