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Originally published 05/05/2022. Original article can be found here.

What do you get when you mix an aptitude for magic, loads of charisma, and a habit for getting into trouble? Find out! Learn about Ember, one of High Isle’s new Companions and our latest Meet the Character subject!


It’s been too long since last we spoke. I have news, and the matter simply cannot wait until my next trip to Glenumbra. Though I will certainly have to regale you with the full story over a drink, with all the talk of danger on the roads and at sea, it may be some time before I can visit. So, you must content yourself with this version for now.

I have a new apprentice. Now, I know what you’re thinking. Normally, that would not be something worthy of note. I’ve had many apprentices over the years, after all. But I assure you, none of them have been quite like Ember.

I met the young Khajiit by mere happenstance. She was working for a merchant caravan when I spied her using magic for her employers in passing. There was such enthusiasm in her form that I was momentarily stunned. Her technique was inelegant, mind you. Chaotic, undignified, and clearly devoid of any proper training. But there was just something in her eyes as she cast her spells that I could not ignore—a fiery passion, a lust for magicka itself!

I wasted no time in offering my services to her. To my surprise, she agreed with little hesitation. She didn’t have much in the way of belongings, just a simple pack that she slung over her shoulder as she waved goodbye to her former employers and joined me instead. I mentioned that it was quite impressive how easily she made the change and she laughed. “I’m used to never being in one place for long.”

Now, I wish I could tell you that I brought Ember to Tor Draioch and in the weeks that followed turned her into a fine young mage. But that is not the case. Make no mistake, I was not wrong about her potential. Ember is an extremely gifted magic user. She has a natural aptitude unlike any I’ve ever encountered. However, therein lies the issue. Her talent is so pronounced, so strong, that studying and formal training hold little interest to her. Ember wants to create. To cast. Her desire to let her magic flow is insatiable.

Were I a younger man, perhaps I could keep up with her. But as it stands, I find myself constantly three steps behind! I’ve tried to impress upon her the benefits of studying at a Guild Hall, or of opening a book at the very least, but she’ll hear none of it. She wishes to learn by doing, and constantly pesters me to show her a new technique or a new spell. I indulge her when I can because her enthusiasm is, admittedly, infectious. But it’s also safer for everyone at Tor Draioch if I oversee her forays into spellcraft. If I don’t, she’ll likely burn the place down in her excitement.

I suppose I could use some advice from you, old friend. I care very deeply for Ember. She is a fine student, a gifted mage, and one of the most talented pupils I’ve ever had the pleasure of mentoring. But she’s also run me positively ragged these last few weeks! You wouldn’t believe her energy. A pure and eager heart certainly sits at the center of all her chaos, but even I have trouble navigating the storm at times.

I know she could do incredible things if she just accepted the proper training. But perhaps I’m not the right person to provide such tutelage? I’d hate to see her grow bored and leave me before I deem her ready. Trouble seems to follow Ember wherever she goes. At least here, I can keep an eye on her. But I don’t know how much longer my own stamina can hold out!

Any advice you have would be greatly appreciated. I hope to see you soon, provided Ember has not gotten the better of me by the time we next meet.

Magister Irin

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