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Skins and Polymorphs




Draugr Polymorph Join the legions of the undead and crawl from the tomb with this magical illusion that transforms your appearance into that of a long-dead Nord. Icy skin, vacant undead eyes, and ancient Nord armor complete the look—no one will be able to tell it's you!
Dread Anka-Ra Polymorph When Emperor Tarish-Zi returned out of the mists of the past, his ancient warriors rose from the dead to serve him as the stony Anka-Ra, undead that seemed hewn from rock itself. You want people to take you seriously? This could be a good look for you.
Ebony Epidermis Skin Never trust an alchemist with a Daedric scroll—you might end up with skin that's the color and hardness of Ebony! Unless you think that's a good idea, in which case, we've literally got you covered.
Factotum Polymorph Set aside the imperfections of meat and bone, adopt the perfected form of a Factotum, and move with clockwork precision.
Mind-Shriven This skin gives the wearer the appearance of those tragic mortals whose will and mentality have been stolen by Molag Bal. Do you seek to blend into their number while traversing Coldharbour? Now you can!
Pumpkin Spectre Shor's bones! A Pumpkin Spectre is like a horrific figure from a skooma-induced nightmare! And with this costume, the wearer can take on the chilling semblance of these dread monsters.
Scarecrow Spectre Tis the season when terrible tales come to true life! The dark magic that makes a spectre animate a scarecrow is thought to be related to those spells that create lurchers from spriggans. Wherever they come from, this costume enables the wearer to assume the guise of one of these Scarecrow Spectres.
The Blood-Forged Skin Blood. Nirncrux. Iron. Combined with the unholy rites of the Reachmen at the Bloodroot Forge, the result is a clinker-cracked, glowing-hot skin like no other: the Blood-Forged!
Warrior-Poet Tattoos Show your devotion to the Protector of Vvardenfell: this bundle includes the Warrior-Poet tattoo markings for both face and body. Vehk yourself!
Werewolf Lord Polymorph Don the Werewolf Lord polymorph, and show them who's the big dog! Wear Hircine's Gift with pride as the savage leader of the lycanthrope pack. Time to howl!
Wraith of Crows Polymorph Feeling grim and dark? Pay homage to Nocturnal the Night Mistress by assuming the appearance of her horrific half-bird servant!