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Originally published 02/16/2021. Original article can be found here.

When it suits her, the Dremora Lyranth can be a powerful, if prickly, ally. Learn more about the “Dread Lady” in this Meet the Character!

Brothers and Sisters Seeking Wisdom,

Hear ye and be inspired! I have heard the word of the Dread Lady, and I bring enlightenment from my lovely and powerful mistress!

As the humble prophet of Lyranth, a Dremora of great guile and cunning, know that my words hold truth and revelation. Like me, you too can bask in the Dread Lady’s aura and gain wisdom beyond measure. All you have to do is believe!

Let me tell you about the Dread Lady. Bear in mind, I am too lowly to speak of my mistress in anything more than euphemisms and hushed tones. Lyranth is the darkness in the dead of night, the arcane fire burning in Oblivion. She has served Molag Bal and walked her own path. She has strode upon the broken rocks of Coldharbour and explored the farthest reaches of the Void. She is unique among her kind, for she has a burning curiosity and an unlikely interest in the happenings of little mortals, such as ourselves. No other Daedra is her equal, and I am blessed that she has chosen me to bring her thoughts and words to the world at large.

Of course, those words must be disguised so as not to worry the locals. I find that most folk see anything related to Daedra as evil and dangerous. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Well, my Dread Lady is somewhat dangerous. I can’t deny that. I saw her snap the neck of a mortal, but he did make the mistake of sneezing as he walked past her. She hates such mortal foibles as normal bodily functions. Makes her twitch, from what I’ve seen. But evil? Who are we to put labels on the moral behavior of beings that are greater than ourselves? I’ve seen Lyranth bend down to pat a kitten on the head, then watched as she turned and gutted a Dark Elf in the street just because the mood struck her. Is that evil? I’ll let you decide.

The Dread Lady, unlike others of her kind (though in reality, there are no others of her kind), won’t necessarily slay a mortal upon first meeting one. She is curious about us, as I’ve said, and willing to talk. At least until she grows bored with the conversation. I find it best to keep my interactions with her short and to the point. She can be unkind when she becomes bored. She also permits mortals to assist her in her great works from time to time. While so far I have served only as her prophet and messenger, I know for a fact that other mortals have actually adventured with her, both here on Nirn and on distant Oblivion planes.

Lyranth also finds amusement in the actions of mortals. She presents herself as aloof and fickle, but I believe that through her interactions with us “little mortals,” she has become singular among the beings of Oblivion. And that is why I adore her and bring you her words. But I find her humor to be infectious, even when it cuts me to the bone. I find her observations enlightening, even when they expose my most egregious flaws.

Some call her an outcast. Others say she is the last of her clan. That she seeks revenge on those who banished or destroyed the clan she belonged to. I am no expert on the clans and cultures of Daedric society, but if someone was responsible for such a tragedy, I pity the fool when the Dread Lady finally gets her hands on them.

If you ever are blessed with the Dread Lady’s presence, heed my advice: Never ask her why. She finds the mortal need to know the reason for every action to be tiresome at best and insulting at worst. You never want to insult the Dread Lady. Nothing good ever comes of that.

Rogatus Cinna, Prophet of the Dread Lady

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