Meet the Character: Breda

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Originally published 12/19/2016. Original article can be found here.

In a special edition of “Meet the Character” this week, you’ll learn more about Breda, the well-liked female Nord sawmill worker chosen to officiate this year’s New Life Festival.

To my fellow workers at the Knotty Pine Timber Mill,

Happy New Life Festival to you all! I’m sorry that I cannot be with you to raise a mug to the coming year. I have arranged for a fine barrel of mead to be delivered to the mill upon the solstice. Please take care to shut down the waterwheel and lock the blade in position before opening the barrel. We do not want a repeat of last year’s unfortunate accident, though I’m pleased that Viktos has learned to manage quite well with just the one foot.

As always, I have made my annual pilgrimage to Eastmarch for a happy reunion with my festival friends, an occasion that always brings me great joy. This year is special, as I have been asked to help officiate at the Festival! This is not an easy task, as there are always those who oppose joy and celebration of any kind.

Already a local politician, Housecarl Mudgeon, has begun posting notices around Windhelm, criticizing the festival, and claiming that “the engagement of so much effort and expense for so much frivolity and hedonistic behavior in a time of such great peril is an affront to the teachings of Jhunal and Stuhn.” This is precisely the kind of pig-headed nonsense that can fall like a wet blanket upon this wonderful festival of life, light, and love!

He’s not getting much support, thank Mara. In fact, many of the merchants owe such a large portion of their annual income to the festival, I hear that some are offering discounts to those who tear down the bills and present them for immediate incineration.

Enjoy the mead, and know that I will be raising my own tankard in toast to all of our good fortunes for the coming year.

May your splinters be few and painless!


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