Meet the Character: Father Egnatius

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Originally published 08/13/2015. Original article can be found here.

Welcome back to our ongoing Meet the Character series! In this entry, you'll learn more about the revered Father Engatius, another one of the new characters you'll encounter in the Imperial City.

Chancellor Tharn,

My patience wears thin--very thin indeed. I have always valued your counsel, such as it is, when it comes to the matters of state, but this business with Father Egnatius cannot be allowed to continue. I have spent years preparing for the arrival of our dark patron, Molag Bal. My worms have woven plots of intrigue that would make even Mephala blush. And yet, this simple priest continues to walk the halls of power, unmolested. This is wholly unacceptable.

It troubles me that you do not see the risk that a man like Egnatius poses. I grant you that he is not a member of the Elder Council, but his shadow looms over every proceeding. Just yesterday I saw him breaking bread with Falco and that paunchy fool, Gulsanius. Egnatius was urging them to reconsider the Memorial construction project—a project that is vital to our interests.

If he were just a common priest, I would have no cause for concern. I have shaken the faith of prophets and driven saints to suicide. Alessia's sheep are easily shorn. Easily slaughtered. But not this Egnatius. No, not Egnatius, with his books and his scrolls and his warm-hearted smiles. He is too well read. He strikes me as a scholar first and a priest second. There is no zealotry left in him—no secret malice for me to twist and shape. It is maddening. I tell you, Tharn, there are few things I hate more than an educated holy-man.

You have cautioned me against spilling his blood before. I know he is well-loved, and his death would be an unwelcome distraction. But faith is unpredictable. In the hands of a learned man, it can spell doom for plots both great and small. I will not allow our great undertaking to die at the hands of a frumpy, balding friar. Remove him from play or I will flay him alive.

– Mannimarco

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