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Originally published 05/10/2023. Original article can be found here.

Learn about Sharp-as-Night, one of the two new Companions you can recruit during your adventures in The Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom!

A letter from Reynila Treviri to her associate, Cyril Caro


I regret I haven’t made it out your way in some time. Mevei sent a care package. Did you receive it? Been terribly busy since last we spoke. Hopefully no news is good news, and that you and the family still keep two lanterns in the farmhouse window.

I’m not writing for a favor this time. I’m looking for a friend of mine, someone I’ve been seeking for ages. When I knew him, he was called Sharp, short for Sharp-as-Night. He may be going by another name these days. In fact, I pray that he is.

As I’m sure you guessed, he’s Argonian. He’s tall for his kind, with deep blue scales, black horns and jaw spines, and a crest of black feathers. You’d know him instantly by the distinctive red markings around his eyes. He told me they were bestowed by his tribe—a signifier of his aptitude in nature magic. Such magic was never allowed to flourish when I knew him. Perhaps things have changed in the years since.

Sharp was my friend, and the first of our clients. I’m ashamed to say he suffered because of my inexperience. I’ll never forgive myself for those early mistakes, but I’m committed to making things right. Part of me always hoped Sharp found his way to a new home in Black Marsh and now spends his days fishing in tranquil waters. If he was happy and safe, I’d be content to never hear from him again.

I’m writing because I received word that a client came across an Argonian fitting Sharp’s description while waiting for extraction. The client caught said Argonian in the act of killing a member of the guard in the estate. The client assumed he was with us (if only), then quickly realized he was there on other business. They parted ways without altercation. A strange coincidence, and it’s the most I’ve heard concerning Sharp in ages. Other whispers speak of him taking on mercenary or assassin work from some sort of job broker for patrons in House Telvanni.

Hearing these accounts fills me with a sorrow I can’t begin to explain and a fear that Sharp will end up right back where he started. For the time being, no one can seem to pin him down, which I suppose is a blessing and a curse.

I should warn you that in general, Sharp is not very approachable. By which I mean if you find him, do not approach him even with the intention of a friendly handshake if you wish to keep your hand. He’s antisocial and slow to trust, as anyone with his history might be. He doesn’t take well to crowds, and especially doesn’t do well with figures of authority. But under his icy exterior is a caring companion, a true and loyal friend who deserves a life of peace and dignity.

Unfortunately, Sharp will not know my name if you mention it. It’s a long story. If by some miracle you or someone you trust comes across him, tell him that someone from his past dearly wishes to see him again. Not only me, but someone he made a promise to a long time ago.

More than anything, Cyr, please treat him with kindness. I can only imagine how lonely he’s been while trying to find his place in the world alone.

Your friend,


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