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Originally published 10/29/2015. Original article can be found here.

Welcome back to our ongoing Meet the Character series! In our final entry for Orsinium, you’ll meet Orc clan chieftain Bazrag gro-Fharun.

Royal Communique: For the Eyes of High King Emeric

Your Majesty,

While taking in the sights of the work in progress known as Orsinium, I encountered another Orc we both know from Kurog’s time in Wayrest. Do you remember Bazrag gro-Fharun? I’m sure you do! He was as quiet as Kurog was loud, but just as deadly with a sword or axe. This one-time friend and ally of King Kurog is now a clan chieftain. But despite their history, Bazrag refuses to accept Kurog’s rule. He’s a stubborn old hardliner, and perhaps the most prominent of the chiefs who still haven’t given Kurog their full support. When Bazrag followed Kurog on his mercenary adventures, he battled across Tamriel at Kurog’s side. Now he takes his role as clan chief very seriously, always keeping the needs of Wrothgar and the Orcs clearly at the forefront of all his endeavors.

Chief Bazrag considers the old customs and traditions to be sacrosanct. He’s a firm believer in Malacath and the Blood Code. A proud and accomplished Orc, he wants to see the rise of a new Orc empire as much as Kurog does. However, Bazrag thinks the process will take generations and can’t be hurried along—no matter how many cities Kurog decides to raise. To his mind, patience and adherence to tradition are the keys to uniting the clans and rebuilding Orsinium. Anything else is the addled dream of a reckless fool that threatens the glimmer of hope he sees for his people’s future.

Gruff and serious, Chief Bazrag refuses to accept a new god or a new approach to life for the Orsimer. The old ways have served the Orcs well, Bazrag believes, and abandoning them for Trinimac and his ideas about truth, honor, and unity is anathema. In fact, I’ve heard Bazrag proclaim that the Trinimac movement is nothing more than a plot by the High Elves to spread their own religion to Wrothgar. I’m sure he’s just being paranoid, but I have noticed an increasing number of High Elves arriving in Orsinium.

My king, as a chief and opponent of Kurog, Bazrag needs to be handled very carefully. If King Kurog has an equal among the clan chiefs, it is Bazrag gro-Fharun. He has the support of the chiefs still opposed to Kurog’s plans. He never displays the slightest bit of fear when confronting Kurog. And his stern and regal bearing keeps the traditionalist Orcs flocked around his banner. He’s definitely a force to be reckoned with among those who initiate events and inspire influence in Wrothgar.

Zephrine Frey, Royal Chronicler of Wayrest

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