Among the records of Commander Sethisa Dalvani of the Ebonheart Pact

Author: Sethisa Dalvani
Released In:

Once more we have driven back the assault on Drakelowe Keep, but the Dominion battalion will not relent. They began their attack as dawn approached and damaged the southern walls before our squad of Nightblades could dismantle their trebuchets. We created a distraction with a powerful fire spell aimed at their tents while the strike team snuck through to neutralize the siege weaponry. However, by midday, the Dominion managed to seize the nearby lumber mill and farm. I worry that they intend to starve us out; it’s as if they knew we were running low on supplies.

With the mill in their hands, we can expect even more siege weapons, too. When I told Bites-Four-Stars, he just laughed. “Let them build more. My Nightblades will burn them as soon as they rise.” I hope it is not just bravado. Our numbers dwindle, but we will not allow these lunatics one step closer to the Pact holdings. I swear it by the Three.

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