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Originally published 04/27/2022. Original article can be found here.

Learn about one of High Isle’s most gifted knight aspirants (and recruitable Companion), Isobel Veloise.

A letter from Knight Commander Jourvel to Duchess Elea Dufort

Duchess Elea,

Salutations and respect, as always. As requested by your steward, I have a few notes for you on my most promising knight aspirant, as well as some information on this year’s Sapphire Tourney.

I expect the tourney to be glorious this year. We have several squires champing at the bit to take the next step. Some arrived from as far away as Orsinium! With so many aspirants in the mix, we’ll have duels, feasting, and competitions of all sorts going on for several days. I’ve brought in reputable vendors from both Gonfalon Bay and the mainland to service the crowds, and my steward, Nilsmon, assures me everything is ready and in good order.

I’m aware that recent events in the Systres Archipelago have been troublesome. Rumors of those bandit knights on the road have made me cautious. But rest assured, with so many stalwarts here at the castle, no one would dare attack the site of the Sapphire Tourney.

The Order of the Albatross, the Oaken Order, and the Order of the Iron Knot are all eager for the competition to get underway, but I can tell you in confidence—I know who will earn one of the much-sought-after knighthoods.

Her name is Isobel Veloise. You may have seen her mentioned in my previous correspondence, usually in connection with my daughter, Aurelia. The two have been fast friends since they were very young, roaming the hills around the castle and playing at knights and princesses. Isobel was always the knight.

From the time she could hold a stick and take a run at imaginary Daedra, Isobel has wanted to join a knightly order. You no doubt recognize her last name, as it matches a High Isle merchant family. They are one and the same. Veloise Mercantile goods flow across the sea, from the Systres Archipelago to Vvardenfell and back again.

Her father, Delven Veloise, was a close friend of my late husband. When it became obvious that Isobel’s wish to be a knight was not some passing fancy, I offered her a place in my household. She’s been studying diligently to be a member of the orders ever since.

She’s dedicated, fearless, and kind. Everything one could want in a knight. The only complaint I have ever had cause to offer her is that she is—how should I put this?—she’s a bit of a clod. She can act quite humorously sometimes, or make observations you’d expect from an uncultured woman half her age. She’s also, to be honest, a bit of a bookworm. She spends far too much time reading fantastical stories concerning chivalry and romance.

But these are, in balance, minor complaints. I know that whether it is this year or next, Isobel Veloise will become a knight. And mark my words, your grace. She will make herself known to the world. Dame Isobel Veloise of High Isle, Knight of the Systres Isles. Boon companion. Hero.

I suggest you do as I do, and keep an eye on her.

Knight Commander Jourvel

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