Meet the Character: Princess Svana

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Originally published 05/05/2020. Original article can be found here.

Willful and rebellious, Svana prefers the ale and company found within a good Nord tavern to the regal finery of Western Skyrim’s royal court. Learn about this estranged daughter of King Svargrim in this latest Meet the Character.

To my liege, Jorunn the Skald-King,

Forgive my late report. My arrival in Haafingar didn’t go unnoticed and I have had to keep a low profile until the guards lost interest. The folk of Solitude are suspicious of strangers, though I can’t say if this is the usual atmosphere or if something has set them on edge. I’m working out of the Lonely Troll inn until I can settle in with the locals and establish my cover. I’d hoped to blend in more easily, but it seems the place mostly caters to the same clientele. During my time at the bar, I found myself among unexpected company.

A pair of regulars took notice of the new face and solicited my company. I could tell they were looking for a dupe to pay for their drinks, but a few rounds of mead make for a cheap bribe for information. What I learned was that the briefing on the royal family of Solitude was lacking. Despite the rumors of her disappearance or death, I can assure you, Princess Svana is livelier than ever. She was one of those two regulars who wanted free drinks at the bar.

At first, I thought it was a fraud conjured up for a gullible stranger—a dangerous one, considering the high king’s temperament—but no one else in the establishment even batted an eye when the blustery Orc claimed I was in the presence of royalty. It was simply a matter of fact that the young, fiery-haired woman wearing a smug smirk on her face was the daughter of High King Svargrim.

“We’re the welcoming committee. You’re ‘welcome’ to pay tribute,” she said as she slid her mug in my direction. “Just don’t call me princess.”

I hadn’t planned to make contact with any of the royal family, just lay the groundwork for when Lyris Titanborn arrives. But as far as spying goes, this was an opportunity I couldn’t let pass. I spent the rest of the evening drinking with Svana and her hanger-on, Maugh the Orc, letting them regale me with their antics. I can’t vouch for her skills at the Jarl’s Waltz, but she can dance on a table with a measure of grace I haven’t seen this far from Morrowind. She probably had formal singing lessons at the Bards College, too, though I’m pretty sure Maugh supplied the lyrics.

If I hadn’t let half my drinks spill down my chin, I’d never have been able to keep up with the two of them.

Svana and Maugh were not, in fact, the welcoming committee. Not in any official capacity. Svana has no interest in matters of state or politics, and that hasn’t set well with her family. The princess seems to be estranged from the king and queen, which is why no one has seen her at official functions in years. It would have been too convenient to stumble into a position of confidence with the royal family, but Svana may still prove to be a useful asset. Even if they aren’t speaking, she knows High King Svargrim and Queen Gerhyld better than anyone.

I need to be careful coaxing information out of her. She doesn’t like speaking about her family and it quickly sours her boisterous demeanor. That said, she has a mischievous and rebellious streak that could come in handy if Svargrim refuses to cooperate with us. I believe we can goad her into acting in our interests just to spite her father.

If nothing else, Svana and Maugh have a finger on the pulse of Solitude. They’ve already let slip some things about other strangers that my gut tells me I need to look into. Thank Kyne for Svana’s thirst! I’ll be fast on the trail of the Icereach Coven by the time Lyris arrives, your majesty. I won’t make contact again before then.

For Skyrim!


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