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Originally published 02/08/2022. Original article can be found here.

What do you get when you combine a flirtatious attitude, a drive for adventure, and a lust for treasure? Join us as we learn about one of the most infamous and devilishly charming rogues in Tamriel—the dashing Jakarn!

My dearest Lady Arabelle,

I was delighted to hear from you, as always. You write with the same wit and charm you always have and whilst reading your letter, I found myself blushing despite myself. But that is neither here nor there. You did not write me solely to make me squirm in my seat. You need aid, and I happen to have just the man for the job.

His name is Jakarn. He’s a Breton, resourceful, talented with a blade, and not too hard on the eyes either. But let me be clear: the man is a scoundrel. Though I know you’ve always held a fondness for scoundrels, a woman as intelligent and competent as you is better suited not employing them. I can honestly say that if it were not for the specifics of the job that needs doing, he would be the last man I’d suggest to you.

Why, you may ask? Plainly put, he is a thief who fancies himself an irresistible romantic. In my experience, that combination is usually the most insufferable. Though Jakarn certainly has enough admirers following him around at every port to follow through with such claims, it does not make his bravado any more palatable. I say this because he has won such admirers through over-bloated stories of his heroism and upbringing. He’s fashioned so many tales about himself that it’s rather hard to tell where they end and the real man behind the farce begins. I’m not entirely clear on what it is he does. Smuggling, piracy, general thievery—it seems he’s dabbled in it all.

He spent some time in Stros M’Kai (in a prison cell, I heard) and afterward became part of a privateer’s crew. Captain Kaleen’s crew, to be exact. Though I hear she’s reformed these days, I’m sure I don’t need to tell you the kind of unsavory business Jakarn was likely up to while in her employ. I know he spent some time in Elsweyr recently as well, and apparently had some nasty business with stealing a priceless gem (something that seems to be a habit of his, so keep a close eye on your valuables).

Now, I say all this only to give you a complete picture of the man. To do otherwise would be a disservice to you. That, and within two minutes of speaking with him, you would discover most of these things for yourself anyway and turn him away. So, as much as it pains me to sing Jakarn’s praises and risk inflating his ego even further, I want to stress to you why I think he is the perfect man for the job.

Despite his many, many flaws, Jakarn is a man who gets things done. His life of distasteful activity has granted him a wealth of contacts, favors, and friends that he may call upon at any moment. Granted, not all of these resources think favorably of him. But that is Jakarn’s way. Somehow, despite his nature, he inspires loyalty enough that both his enemies and his friends will heed his call. Perhaps it is merely the unspoken allegiances between scoundrels. Or perhaps Jakarn’s charm does him more service than one would think.

Either way, he is a man who is exceedingly well-connected. He is someone who has operated as a thief long enough to know how to get things passed through hands unseen. He also knows how to operate with discretion and understands the value of gold more than the average man. He also happens to be smart enough to know not to ask too many questions. Though he may be a tad unprincipled for your tastes, I think it is this quality in particular that makes him well suited for the role. You do not need a well-to-do hero for this endeavor. While your mission’s goal is heroic, you know as well as I do that the real world sometimes requires us to get our hands dirty. Jakarn is someone who will gladly get his hands dirty in your stead and ensure success. In this matter of yours that determines the fate of the Alliance, and possibly all of Tamriel, I can recommend no one better.

He will test your patience, of course, but I know a woman of your caliber can handle him.

Yours truly,
Sabinette Mavine, Ambassador to the Court of Wayrest

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