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Alliance War HorseIt’s no surprise the Three Alliances compete to breed the strongest and most majestic chargers for their armored cavalries.
Ancient Dragon Hunter HorseAs the Dragon threat spreads, the need for veteran Dragon Hunters increases. These gold-barded horses can help you reach your prey quickly.
Ashen Fang Lair CourserSometimes, when necromancers reanimate a creature, they overdo it and imbue the undead entity with an excess of dark conjuration. In the case of the Ashen Courser, this residue of mystical power manifests as a cloud of grave dust and ash.
Auroran Twilight WarhorseLike their mistress, the Daedric Prince Meridia, Aurorans have magical control over color and hue, so when they need a mount in Tamriel after dark it’s no surprise that they conjure Warhorses that are as dark as night itself.
Auroran WarhorseWhen one of Meridia’s Auroran Knights manifests in Tamriel and needs a mount, the knight has the ability to instantly summon a Daedric Warhorse from the Colored Rooms. Curiously, if the knight is banished to Oblivion, the mount sometimes stays behind.
Badger BearThe Badger Bears of southern Blackwood were nearly extinct in the wild when they were saved by the intervention from an unlikely source, an Imperial noble, when Viscount Glorion of Leyawiin rescued the species by breeding them as mounts.
Bal Foyen Circus GuarLike other reptilian creatures, Guar can be bred for bright, even gaudy colors. The Argonians of Dhalmora offer this entertaining variant, a popular performer in Tamriel’s traveling shows.
Banded Guar ChargerNot every guar is destined to haul heavy packs or become someone’s meal. Unlike the temperamental but lovable pack guar, chargers are bred for their strength, speed, and stout hearts. Though it takes years to train them—guar are not known for being clever—they’re as comfortable charging into battle as they are munching on saltrice.
Black BearThe Black Bear is common across Cyrodiil, but is also seen north into High Rock and Skyrim, where it is considered a warrior’s mount. It’s also the preferred mount of Nord Nightblades, as it blends into the dark, and makes no hoofbeats when it gallops. Black Bears: almost stealthy!
Black Camel of Ill OmenThe Black Camel is haughty and majestic—but some riders consider them creatures of bad luck and misfortune. However, if you’re a thief riding off into the night with your ill-gotten gains, you might see things differently. Bad luck for them, good luck for you!
Black Senche-LionThe Black Senche-Lion is the preferred mount of Elsweyr’s greatest thieves, who want a ride that’s both fierce and can fade into the dark of night. According to legend, the most famous Black Senche-Lion of all was Rajhin’s mount Umbrage, which could both talk and, for brief periods, fly!
Black Senche-PantherThis mount is said to have been bred by Baandari Pedlars, for ease in hastily leaving town after dark. No matter what time of day, you’ll find it a graceful and stylish ride that will make you the envy of adventurers everywhere.
Blazeborn Senche-LionBorn in flame, this senche-lion’s temperament matches its fiery appearance. Those who earn its respect, however, gain a mount that can blaze a path through the darkest shadows.
Chroma-Blue Dwarven SpiderRarest of all Dwarven Spider vamidiums are those powered by gems that emit a cold blue light, said to reflect the frigid stolen soul of the Dwemer engineer trapped within it.
Clouded Senche-LeopardThe Clouded Senche-Leopard is a strong yet nimble mount, bred for hunting in the dappled shadows of the Tenmar forest in central Elsweyr. The Clouded is intelligent but stubborn, and will usually cooperate only with a rider it knows well, making them unsuitable as mounts in the Senche-Cavalry.
Doom Wolf MountBred for size and savagery from the fierce timber wolves of the southern Jerall Mountains, yet stealthy when necessary, the Doom Wolf has been adopted as the mount of choice by the secretive and deadly Dark Brotherhood. (To be frank, the glowing eyes weighed heavily in their decision.)
Dread-Aurelian ChargerWith their glowing yellow eyes and flashy golden barding, these veteran steeds serve their Dragon-slaying riders with nobility and style. Be sure to keep some sugar cubes handy—they have a taste for sweets that rivals the Khajiit!
Dro-m’Athra SencheThe Senche-shaped dro-m’Athra are known to the Twilight Cantors as the sar-m’Athra, but everyone else just calls these eerie and uncanny mounts the Dro-m’Athra Senche. Now, for a limited time, you too can look like you just rode out of the Maw of Lorkhaj!
Dwarven SpiderOf all the Dwemer animunculi, the Dwarven Spider is perhaps the most familiar and iconic! This versatile construct comes in several variations, and the best of all is this vamidium, or mechanical mount. Wait till they see you clank into town on this thing!
Ebon Steel Dwarven SpiderThough Dwarven Metal was usually employed in building Spider constructs, for reasons unknown some rare variants were built with a darker Ebon Steel alloy. When found in working order, these automata are prized by collectors.
Ebon Steel Dwarven SpiderThough Dwarven Metal was usually employed in building Spider constructs, for reasons unknown some rare variants were built with a darker Ebon Steel alloy. When found in working order, these automata are prized by collectors.
Eerie Elk of DreadIs this ghostly Elk an antlered mount from the spirit world, or is it a sending from Lord Hircine’s Oblivion plane of the Hunting Grounds? It seems solid enough, and doesn’t disappear in broad daylight, so it must be more than just a haunt!
Egg Hunter’s HorseThe many multicolored eggs of Tamriel are valuable for their differing alchemical properties, and this makes the Egg Hunter’s job a profitable one, especially in the spring. Add this mount to your stable today!
Elder Dragon Hunter HorseWith Dragons on the loose in Elsweyr, a modern cadre of Dragon Hunters have sprung up to hunt them down. Their mounts are sturdy and fearless.
Fang Lair CourserIn Fang Lair, not even ancient warriors’ steeds are safe from reanimation by necromancers! Though to be fair, if you’re looking for ‘grimly impressive,” look no further—this is the mount for you.
Frost MareWith its icy gaze and steaming breath, the frigid Frost Mare seems carved from the very glaciers of Skyrim. Its exact origin is unknown, but the Mages Guild believes it may originally have come from Takubar, the plane of origin of Cold Flame Atronachs.
Gloam WolfThe uncanny Gloam Wolf hails from the Oblivion plane of the Daedric Prince Nocturnal. Sometimes, the Night Mistress will reward a loyal Tamrielic worshiper with a Gloam Wolf Mount sent permanently to Nirn.
Golden Eye GuarThe golden eye is a crossbreed of banded and wild guar, as fearsome as it is intelligent and difficult to control. This breed of guar is fiercely loyal and bonds to its rider, refusing to allow anyone else to mount it. Training a golden eye requires a firm hand, but once one of these spirited mounts learns to respect its rider, it responds to directions very nearly before they are given, exhibiting an almost telepathic connection with its rider.
Goutfang Senche-RahtAfter spending many years in a Vrin-Thak adeptorium, this powerful Senche-raht decided it was time to work with someone who regularly goes toward danger. She prefers to learn by watching, however.
Great ElkThough the Reachmen of Markarth say they were the first to successfully domesticate the Great Elk of Skyrim and break them as mounts, the Nords of Haafingar deride this claim, saying it was really all their idea. But you just want a majestic mount with a built-in hat-rack, so who cares?
Hammerfell CamelThis is the stoic, hard-working beast that riders in the wastes of Hammerfell count on to survive. Camel mounts are tall, tough as nails—and if matters come to a fight, they’re just plain mean. Bonus: a camel is the only mount so ornery, it spits!
Hearthfire KagoutiThe Hearthfire Kagouti appears to be a sort of magical hybrid, a wizard’s experimental melding of a carnivorous reptile and a flame atronach. Not exactly subtle, this is definitely a mount for someone who wants to make an impression!
Highland Wolf MountThe brown Highland Wolf is common in the Colovian hills and in Cyrodiil’s Great Forest, where wild packs are feared by farmers and shepherds. But foresters have domesticated the beasts and, bred for size, use them as steeds. Quick, nimble, and enduring, the foresters swear by them, and call them ideal woodland mounts.
Hist GuarIn Black Marsh this mount is called Scales-Seem-Daubed-with-Hist-Sap, but the rest of Tamriel just calls it the Hist Guar. It is the only subspecies of guar known to enjoy music, so feel free to take it with you right into the tavern! No one will complain.
Ice WolfThe Ice Wolf of the far north can grow to tremendous size—which is probably why the Nords of Hjaalmarch decided to ride them. Domesticating giant Ice Wolves wasn’t an easy task, but it’s just the kind of challenge a Nord loves. Too fierce for you? Milk-drinker!
Ice WolfThe Ice Wolf of the far north can grow to tremendous size—which is probably why the Nords of Hjaalmarch decided to ride them. Domesticating giant Ice Wolves wasn’t an easy task, but it’s just the kind of challenge a Nord loves. Too fierce for you? Milk-drinker!
Imperial War HorseWhen the Empire of Cyrodiil was at its height, the Imperial Legion Cavalry rode these chalk-white chargers into battle beneath the red diamond banner.
Infernium Dwarven Spider“The Dwarven Spider Mounts from the Infernium Forge are unusual and distinctive, indicating to this Dwemer scholar that they all come from the hand of a single Deep Elf artisan.”—Guylaine Marilie
KagoutiDo you want them to remember the mount you rode in on? Domesticating the savage Kagouti to serve as a mount is a recent endeavor, and to be frank, more than a little experimental. Do you have what it takes to stay in the saddle on one of these fierce, bipedal reptiles?
Karthwolf ChargerIn the valley of the Karth River, the Reach clans have domesticated the fierce ice wolves, which they have bred for size and endurance to serve as mounts—a fearsome sight indeed!
Khaj Necromancer’s SteedMany masters of the art of necromancy find this horse suits their taste exceedingly well, especially since it possesses no fear of the undead that often surround necromancers. It calls to you, does it not?
Kynbound Senche-PantherKnown as steeds of the Dremora, Kynbound Senche-Panthers have found their way into service as mounts for those who have some ties to the Dremora. Perhaps that’s you?
Legendary Dragon HorseHunters riding these valiant steeds are often the first on the scene of a Dragon attack. With its ornate, jade-accented barding, and its fierce loyalty to its rider, this steed is a must-have for any veteran Dragon Hunter.
Legion Zero DestrierBy forcing their steeds to consume the Blood of Coldharbour, the traitorous soldiers of Legion Zero created a war horse unlike any other. Adorned with fearsome barding and their sullen red colors, this is truly a mount to be feared.
Lustrous Nix OxBefore Saints Llothis and Olms had to be confined in the Asylum Sanctorium, they used to ride through the Brass Fortress on holy days on these bizarre Fabricant mounts. But the parades are long gone, and the synthetic steeds have been repurposed.
Manelord Nightmare SencheKing of the Nightmare Pride, this night-black senche-tiger has burning paws and flames hissing from its face; rumor says Mehrunes Dagon is responsible. Decide for yourself!
Masked BearBoth swift and strong, the Masked Bear of the Jerall Mountains is a popular mount along the high passes between Bruma and Falkreath. They’re particularly common in the region around Pale Pass; mountain travelers leave offerings for them at “bear bars” along the trail, which is how they may have come to be domesticated.
Masqued “Unicorn” SteedIs that the famed and incredibly-rare creature of legend, the true Unicorn from Hircine’s Oblivion realm of the Hunting Grounds? …Well, no, it’s a horse with a golden horn attached to its forehead. But the effect—it’s just so magical!
Meridian Sabre Cat“Some accounts of Meridia’s plane of the Colored Rooms describe a menagerie of light-imbued spectral beasts elevated from Nirn and ‘purified’ by the Lady’s holy light.” —Sayings of Valasha
Mind-Shriven HorseThe horrors that have fallen on the Imperial City affect mounts as well as mortals. With its equine psyche stolen by Daedric magic, the mind-shriven horse is a docile yet terrifying steed.
Nightfall Sabre CatLooking for a steed that’s both fierce and impressive? The Reachmen of the upper Karth valley, who train them as mounts, claim that the Nightfall Sabre Cat is sacred to the Daedric Prince Nocturnal. (Riding Skill does not affect this mount’s appearance.)
Mind-Shriven Wolf“You might think Mind-Shriven Wolves are fragile beasts, but their environment has instilled within them a hidden strength.”—Warlock Aldaale
Nightmare CourserThis flame-wreathed steed, black as the pits of Oblivion, is hungry for the chaos of war. Many conflicting legends surround its mysterious origins, but all agree on one thing: only the mighty could hope to control such a beast.
Nightmare Stick HorseRide a stick mount that symbolizes your fiery dreams of all-consuming doom. Complete with flaming mane, tail, and eyes, this thrice-cursed novelty horse makes your stick-riding experience one for the books … of burning horror!
Nix-Ox Fabricant SteedProgrammed for obedience and fabricated for endurance, these synthetic Nix-Ox Steeds are the perfect mounts for ranging out from the Brass Fortress across the dangerous Radius. Taking it to the World Above? Keep it well lubricated and it’ll carry you anywhere!
Noble Riverhold Senche-LionThe pastoral tribes of northern Anequina need reliable mounts upon which to follow their herds of livestock, and none are more dependable than the prides of Senche-Lions bred near Riverhold, feline steeds so brave and loyal they’re called “Noble.”
Packlord Nightmare WolfLord of the Nightmare Pack, this night-black Wolf mount has burning paws and flames hissing from its face and tail; can anyone doubt that its origin must be Mehrunes Dagon’s plane of the Deadlands?
Painted WolfIn the rugged badlands of central Hammerfell, even camels struggle to maneuver across the broken terrain. But wolves can go where even camels cannot, so the roving Redguards of the canyon lands have bred the local Painted Wolves into sure-footed mounts.
Pale Velothi GuarThis stalwart mount comes from the ash-lands downwind of the volcanoes of the Velothi Mountains, and is well adapted to surviving under the harshest of conditions. And your darker adventuring outfits contrast well against its pale hide!
Palomino HorseHandsome, strong, and swift, the palomino is favored by couriers and sportsmen. It was originally bred by the Colovians of the West Weald as a hardy courser for scouts and skirmishers, but soon became a fashionable favorite among the nobility, who vie for foals from the finest bloodlines. The Counts of Skingrad insist their coaches must be drawn by teams of matched palominos—no other breed will do.
Piebald DestrierStaunch and vigorous, this patterned war-horse is known for its courage and tenacity. Allow it to take you to your next adventuring destination!
Pride-King LionThe Pride-King Lions are the top predators on the savannahs of northern Elsweyr. No one but the Khajiiti, with their feline intuitions, could have persuaded these proud beasts to serve as mounts. Are you strong-willed enough to control one of these majestic beasts?
Pyre Watch JackalLong ago, the secretive Pyre Watch bred local jackals into mounts, allowing them to move swiftly as they patrolled their cursed caverns. Now this nimble and fleet pale steed can be yours!
Sabre CatThe Sabre Cats of Northern Tamriel are possibly even more powerful than their southern Senche cousins. They’re certainly more feral and difficult to domesticate. That didn’t stop the Nords of Falkreath from breaking and training them to serve as mounts!
Sabre Cat Frost AtronachA Frost Mage of Clan Direnni spent her entire life perfecting a spell to permanently summon a Frost Atronach in the shape of a Sabre Cat. (Why? Who knows? Balfiera Island is a strange place.)
Scorched Alley HowlerTaken from the crime-ridden back streets of Senchal and raised by scavengers, this mount lost an eye while defending its rider from pursuing guards. Now wearing a patch, the Howler is an ideal mount for doers of deadly deeds.
Senche-CougarThe cliffs and escarpments of east central Elsweyr are the home of the nimble and sure-footed Senche-Cougars, who prowl the rocks hunting goats and marmots. Inevitably, they’ve been domesticated by their feline cousins, the Khajiit.
Senche-LeopardThe Senche-Leopard was bred for bearing an armed warrior while slinking through the steamy jungles of Pellitine. But Khajiiti riders found it had broader applicability, and use it both as a fast courser for couriers, and as an elegant town mount for young Elsweyr nobles.
Senche-LionessThese fierce and powerful mounts hail from the broad savannahs of Anequina.
Shadowghost GuarBlending in with the shifting gray ash clouds on the slopes of Red Mountain, the Shadowghost Guar are the only known nocturnal breed of the species, and thus are rarely seen, even by the native Dark Elves. This makes them one of the most distinctive and desirable mounts in Morrowind—and beyond.
Shadowghost HorseShadowghost Horses are never bred, only found, and then only on misty nights when both moons are dark. Then they are summoned from beyond by hooded Shadowghost Wranglers, roped and saddled and broken for riding by ordinary mortals. No, really!
Shadowghost SencheAn oversized breed of black senche-panthers, the Shadowghost Senche is said by the Khajiit to be sacred—or rather unholy—to Namiira the Great Darkness, who sends them as mounts to bear away those who are doomed to die. Dare you ride one of these dark cats in the dead of night?
Shadowghost WolfUnlike nearly all other wolves, the Shadowghost Wolf has no pack and lives a solitary life, haunting lonely moors and wastelands, appearing only at night and rarely then. Some doubt it is a real creature of the mortal plane at all.
Silver Dawn Argent ChargerWerewolf hunting is a dirty and largely thankless business, but when a Silver Dawn member mounts their resplendent Argent Charger, they feel like the hero they really are. Sure, it’s showy, but as a defender of society against the vicious, you deserve it.
Skyfire GuarThis guar’s bright colors were once thought to indicate that it was poisonous to touch, but it was found to be relatively harmless by an adventuresome rider. Caution! Patience is needed to bring this obstinate mount to heed.
Skyterror Dragonslayer HorseDragon Hunters, take heed! This mount has received elite training that enables it to fearlessly stand fast even in Dragon breath. Some claim that the final, secret test of these mounts is what imbues their eyes with a blue glow.
Snow BearThe Snow Bear makes a superior mount for northern climes, as it’s undaunted by even the fiercest winter weather. It’s also trained to carry warriors into battle: just watch its black eyes sparkle at the prospect of good fight!
Snow-Blanket Sorrel HorseThis handsome breed of horse is native to the Colovian Highlands of Cyrodiil, and is a common sight from Chorrol to Bruma. The Snow-Blanket Sorrel is known for its intelligence, high spirits, and the bright, white markings on its hindquarters.
True Ghost HorseNot a spectre, not a zombie, not a horse of a spooky color—the True Ghost Horse is the actual haunting shade of a deceased mount, returned from beyond the equine grave. Bonus: no need to muck out its stall!
Wasseek Horse-LizardOnly the Wasseek-haleel would breed such a colorful and sweet-natured horse-lizard. Ideal for those times when you’re wandering through Murkmire, looking for trouble to quash.
White-Gold Imperial CourserCreated after years of intensive breeding, the White-Gold Imperial Courser is said to be the loveliest horse in all of Tamriel. With its almost ethereal beauty, these horses have been owned by only the wealthiest riders—until now!
White Spotted CourserBred for speed and battle, the White Spotted Courser holds a special place in the hearts of war historians due to their prominence as cavalry mounts in the Battle of Dragon Wall.
Winter Garland Dapple GrayThis festive horse is sure to spread holiday cheer—with bells on! The proud owner of such a steed can be almost assured that they have the handsomest horse in town.
Witch Knight ChargerDuring their invasion of High Rock, the Reachmen were profoundly impressed by the power and splendor of the Breton mounted knights, and decided to breed their own hardy northern steeds to the same size as those mighty war horses. They succeeded!
Zombie HorseMannimarco’s Order of the Black Worm must be responsible for the re-animated Zombie Horse, as it was first seen in Cyrodiil as a Worm Anchorite’s mount. But what else would you ride when dressed as a Scarecrow Spectre?
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