TES5 Skyrim: Sovngarde

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(I arrive in Sovngarde. With solemn, hooded gray statues standing vigil, I begin making my way down the stone path. Sovngarde is covered in a unusually dense fog. I use Clear Skies to beat back the fog for a time, when a man appears from the mist and approaches)

Stormcloak Soldier

Turn back, traveler! Terror waits within this mist.

Many have braved the shadowed vale but vain is all courage against the peril that guards the way.


Who are you?

Stormcloak Soldier

Near Giants’ Gap, in the gloom before dawn, we marched, unsuspecting into the Imperials’ trap.

Then we stood and fought, our shield-wall defending until by dawn’s light the Legion’s ranks wavered.

But I never knew if nights-end brought victory – a swift-flying arrow to Sovngarde carried me.


What’s this mist?

Stormcloak Soldier

I do not know – but none have passed through.

Alduin, his hunger insatiable, hunts the lost souls snared within this shadowed valley.

Can you lead the way to where Shor’s hall waits, beckoning us on to welcome long sought?


Shor’s hall? What’s that?

Stormcloak Soldier

Don’t you know? What drew you here? Surely your dreams showed you the way?

The Hall of Valor, where heroes wait to follow Shor to the final battle.

I saw it fair when first I trod this long-sought path. The pain and fear vanished, dreamlike, and a vision beckoned –

Shor’s hall, shimmering across the clouded vale. But quenched was hope by the shrouding mist – my mind is darkened.

I’ve lost the way and wander blindly.

Hurry! Before Alduin your life devours bring word to Shor’s hall of our hard fate!


Follow me. I’ll lead you through this mist.

Stormcloak Soldier

I’ll try to hold to your hopeful purpose. Quickly, before this encompassing fog once more snares me in the World-Eater’s net.

(I begin leading the dead soldier’s spirit down the road, blowing back the fog. I see and hear glimpses of Alduin as he feasts on the souls snared in his net. The soldier quickly loses heart)

Stormcloak Soldier

There is no escape. Courage is useless.

(as I make my way through the mist and down the path to Shor’s hall, I stumbled across more soldiers, both Stormcloak and Imperial alike)

Stormcloak Soldier 1

Beware! The World-Eater waits within the mist!

Imperial Soldier 1

Do you know the way? I’m weary and lost.

Stormcloak Soldier 2

In life I felled foes unnumbered, fearless in battle; but no blade can defend against the terror of this gloom-stricken valley.

(the Hall of Valor comes into view. It is an unearthly construction: a towering meadhall set against a celestial sky. By far larger than any earthly palace I have seen in Skyrim. It stands on the other side of a gorge where great waterfalls plummet into a vast emptiness, bridged by the skeleton of a large whale. As I approach, a mountain of a man, a bare-chested Nord, approaches me)


What brings you, wayfarer grim, to wander here, in Sovngarde, souls-end, Shor’s gift to honored dead?


Who are you?


I am Tsun, shield-thane to Shor

The Whalebone Bridge he bade me guard and winnow all those souls whose heroic end sent them here, to Shor’s lofty hall

where welcome, well-earned, awaits those I judge fit to join that fellowship of honor.


I pursue Alduin, the World-Eater


A fateful errand. No few have chafed to face the Worm since first he set his soul-snare here at Sovngarde’s threshold.

But Shor restrained our wrathful onslaught – perhaps, deep-counselled, your doom he foresaw.


I seek entrance to the Hall of Valor.


No shade are you, as usually here passes, but living, you dare the land of the dead.

By what right do you request entry?


By the right of birth. I am Dragonborn.


Ah! It’s been too long since last I faced a doom-driven hero of the dragon blood.


Can I enter the Hall of Valor?


Living or dead, by decree of Shor, none may pass this perilous bridge ’til I judge them worthy by the warrior’s test.

(Tsun draws his axe and we do battle. Tsun is a mighty foe, but I best him)

You fought well. I find you worthy.

It is long since once of the living has entered here. May Shor’s favor follow you and your errand.

(I cross the Whalebone Bridge and enter the Hall of Valor. A bearded warrior sees my entry and approaches me)


Welcome, Dragonborn! Our door has stood empty since Alduin first set his soul-snare here.

By Shor’s command we sheathed our blades and ventured not the vale’s dark mist.

But three await your word to loose their fury upon the perilous foe.

Gormlaith the fearless, glad-hearted in battle; Hakon the valiant, heavy-handed warrior; Felldir the Old, far-seeing and grim.

(a great many other heros throng these halls, but I see the ancient Nord heroes, Paarthurnax’s friends, waiting eagerly for me)

Gormlaith Golden-Hilt

At long last! Alduin’s doom is now ours to seal – just speak the word and with high hearts we’ll hasten forth to smite the worm wherever he lurks.

Felldir the Old

Hold, comrades – let us counsel take before battle is blindly joined.

Alduin’s mist is more than a snare – its shadowy gloom is his shield and cloak.

But with four Voices joined, our valor combined, we can blast the mist and bring him to battle.

Hakon One-Eye

Felldir speaks wisdom – the World-Eater, coward, fears you, Dragonborn.

We must drive away his mist, Shouting together, and then unsheathe our blades in desperate battle with our black-winged foe.

Gormlaith Golden-Hilt

To battle, my friends! The fields will echo with the clamor of war, our wills undaunted.

(the heroes draw their weapons and we head for the door. The final showdown with Alduin is at hand)

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