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Curing the Corprus



Caius Cosades

:corprus disease:
"You have corprus disease. It's a rare disease that usually drives victims mad, and causes terrible, deformed growths on the body. I don't know much about it. I'll check my informants, and see how to cure it. In the meantime, we can discuss your orders."

"With Dagoth Gares dead, the Sixth House shrine is no longer a threat. You've more than earned a promotion to the rank of Traveler. I'm very worried that you have corprus disease. But I have some good news in that department."

"I canvassed my informants for possible treatments, just in case you contracted the disease during your mission. I learned from Fast Eddie that your best chance of getting cured is Divayth Fyr, an ancient Telvanni wizard who runs a Corprusarium for victims of the disease."

"Here. Take this Dwemer artifact and 1000 drakes, and go to Tel Fyr. Divayth Fyr will like the Dwemer artifact. A gift may sweeten his disposition. The gold is for expenses. And here're a couple of Levitation potions. I hear you'll need them in Telvanni towers, because wizards don't use stairs. So get moving, and get that corprus disease cured. Then hurry back. I think I know how to get the lost prophecies Nibani Maesa asked for."

Faern Sargtlin

(retrieve the dwemer artifact)

Caius Cosades

"The Temple sends victims of corprus disease to the Corprusarium. The Corprusarium is beneath Tel Fyr, the tower of the Telvanni wizard Divayth Fyr. I asked Fast Eddie what it was like. 'It's a swell place. Full of doomed crazy people with bloated bodies. You'll love it.'"

:Fast Eddie:
"Edd Theman, also 'Fast Eddie', also 'Eddie the Rat', is a rare commodity, a former Telvanni wizard who has gone Imperial and joined the Mages Guild. A colorful but unreliable character, but he is an invaluable source of inside information on Great House Telvanni. He has a small house here in Balmora."

:Tel Fyr:
"Tel Fyr, Divayth Fyr's tower, is southwest of Sadrith Mora, on an island on the southwestern edge of Zafirbel Bay. Here. Let me mark it on your map. There's a dock, but no boat service, so you must water-walk or swim from Sadrith Mora. Use the Guild Guide service at the Balmora Mages Guild to reach Sadrith Mora. At Sadrith Mora, find Wolverine Hall, Fighters Guild, and ask the scout Sondryn Irathi for detailed directions to Tel Fyr."

:guild guide:
"A guild guide is a spellcaster of the Mages Guild who provides magical transport for a small fee. You can only travel from one Mages Guild to another, but it is the fastest way to travel between Vivec, Balmora, Ald'ruhn, Caldera, and Sadrith Mora."

Faern Sargtlin

(go to Balmora Mages Guild)

Masalinie Merian

"Hey! Get away from me! You've got corprus disease! You can't get cured of corprus! Get aWAY!"

Faern Sargtlin

(teleport to Sadrith Mora, Wolverine Hall: Mage's Guild)


Faern Sargtlin

(go to Sadrith Mora, Wolverine Hall: Fighter's Guild)

Sondryn Irathi

"You're got corprus disease, outlander. That's a death sentence. It can't get cured. Get away from me. FAR away."

:Tel Fyr:
"Tel Fyr is a Telvanni tower on an island to the southwest, close to the mainland. Let me mark it on your map. Look for a tall tower, a dock, and a ship. The entrance to the tower is at water level, on the northern tip of the island, near the dock. In good weather, by day, the tower is easy to see. If you miss the tower and hit the beaches of the mainland, walk back and forth along the beaches and look for the tower; it's clearly visible from the beach. Bring levitation potions. No stairs in the tower."

Faern Sargtlin

(manage the way to Tel Fyr)


Beyte Fyr

"Are you here to plunder the dungeon? Have you got corprus disease? Did you want to talk to Divayth Fyr?"

:corprus disease:
"Everyone who gets corprus disease comes to our Corprusarium. It's not very pleasant, but at least they're all fed and cared for."

:Divayth Fyr:
"He's up above in his study. I hope you can fly. You can't get up there unless you can fly. Or have potions. Sorry."

:wife of Divayth Fyr:
"Yes. Well. Not 'wife' in the 'married' sense. But... you know. 'Paramour.' 'Consort.' Something like that. It's a bit awkward, really. Because... well... he made us, too, so, though we aren't really his daughters or anything, it's LIKE we were his daughters. Because he made us. You see?"

:plunder the dungeon:
"You'd be surprised how many people come in here trying to steal Lord Fyr's treasures. He does have quite a collection of relics and artifacts. But he keeps them down in the Corprusarium. And who wants to risk catching corprus disease? Not to mention who wants to get ripped in half. Pity. We don't see many good thieves here. Just the stupid ones."

Faern Sargtlin

(levitate to Divayth Fyr's chamber)

Divayth Fyr

"Say. That's an interesting Dwemer piece you have there. What can you tell me about it?"

Faern Sargtlin

Offer the Dwemer artifact as a gift.

Divayth Fyr

"A gift? For me? How thoughtful. And shrewd. I suppose you know I am a collector. And that such a gift is bound to please me. I congratulate you on your diplomatic skills. So, why have you tried to butter me up? Come to consult the great Divayth Fyr? You have the divine disease? Want to plunder the dungeon? Or leer at my daughters?"

:the divine disease:
"The magical principles of corprus disease are elusive and miraculous, far more subtle and powerful than any conventional sorcery or enchantment. I'm persuaded that it is in some manner the curse or blessing of a god. Perhaps both a curse and a blessing. The victim, of course, cannot appreciate the marvelous nature of corprus. It saps the mind and destroys the body. But to a wizard, it is a profound and glorious mystery, a riddle worth a long lifetime of study."

:corprus disease:
"How interesting. Did you know that corprus makes you immune to disease? Have you ever heard of the prophecies of the Nerevarine? Ashlanders say the Nerevarine will be immune to disease. I've always thought, "Maybe I have the Nerevarine down in my Corprusarium, and I don't even know it." Hah. Hah. The Nerevarine is a fat, disgusting corprus monster, and mad as a marsh rat. Wouldn't that be funny?"

Faern Sargtlin

"Explain that you may fulfill the Nerevarine prophecies."

Divayth Fyr:

:corprus disease:
"That's a fascinating story you tell. So. You might be the Nerevarine. Means nothing, of course. Corprus victims have all sorts of delusions. But... let me think..."

"I've got a potion. In theory, it should cure corprus. Doesn't work, though. Probably kill you. Killed all my test subjects. But you've got nothing to lose. Before I give it to you, I want you to look around below in the Corprusarium. Know what's in store if you don't take the potion. And while you're there, I want you to pick up a pair of boots from a victim, calls himself Yagrum Bagarn. My oldest patient. Handy fellow, fixes things for me. Bring the boots back, and then you can have the potion."

:Yagrum Bagarn:
"Yagrum Bagarn is my oldest corprus victim. You'll find him in the bowels of the Corprusarium. Interesting case."

"I collect victims of the divine disease in my Corprusarium in the caverns beneath my tower. Poor devils. Wretched existence. Constant pain. Ferocious appetites and passions. No reason at all. Mad as marsh rats. But marvelous, too, in their way. Completely immune to disease. Live forever, barring accidents. Ancient wizards need projects to keep them occupied, and the Corprusarium is mine."

:plunder the dungeon:
"When you live for thousands of years, you need a hobby. Something you love, always sparks your interest. I collect treasures, and invite thieves to steal them. I'm a collector, and a sportsman. I collect enchanted items and ancient artifacts. Have quite a few Dwemer pieces. And, as a sportsman, I love letting thieves try to steal my well-guarded treasures. Only a few rules. One, don't hurt the inmates. Two, don't hurt my daughters. My Warden and guards can look out for themselves."

"Not bad for something born in a jar, eh? Charming and talented. Not daughters, really. A little project, a side benefit of my researches into corprus disease. Made them myself, from my own flesh. Nice, aren't they? Alfe Fyr, Beyte Fyr, Delte Fyr, and Uupse Fyr. Quite a comfort to me in my old age. Hah hah."

:Alfe Fyr:
"Alfe Fyr is the sharpest of my girls, in wit and tongue. Gets on my nerves, sometimes, but conflict is the spice of life."

:Beyte Fyr:
"Beyte Fyr is the sweet one. Eager to please, and be pleased. An excellent cook, and a lovely singing voice."

:Delte Fyr:
"Delte Fyr is the efficient one. Organized and orderly. She acts as our steward, manages accounts, maintains supplies, keeps the tower and Corprusarium running."

:Uupse Fyr:
"Uupse Fyr is the girl with the biggest heart. She takes care of the inmates of the Corprusarium, and helps with my researches."

"Vistha-Kai, the Argonian, is my Warden of the Corprusarium. Quite a fighter. Tough as nails. Self-taught. Works out with my daughters, who are no slouches at the martial arts themselves. Vistha-Kai was one of the last of my slaves. Freed him, and he wouldn't leave. Kept him on as a hireling, then made him my partner. Excellent fellow. Fine companion. Not an intellectual, you understand, but good company for me and my daughters."

Faern Sargtlin

(go down to Corprusarium)


"I am Vistha-Kai, Warden of the Corprusarium. I am here to warn you: do not harm the inmates. If you come to plunder the dungeon, you must endure their attacks, and take your chances with me, their Warden and Protector."

"Lord Fyr shelters and maintains the victims of corprus disease here in the Corprusarium. He does them a great service, because no other could or would help them. He also does the world a great service by keeping them here where they can do no harm to others. The inmates are sad, distorted monsters, angry and cruel, and their sufferings are great, but they still live and feel, and I honor Lord Fyr's care and compassion for them."

"I am the guardian and peacekeeper of the Corprusarium. I have spent long years in service to Lord Fyr, first as a slave, then as a free hireling, and now as a friend and partner. He has been kind and generous to me, and I take his interests, and the interests of those he shelters, to heart. The treasures of his dungeon are open to sport, according to Lord Fyr's whim, and you're welcome to try to steal them. But I, too, find great sport in hunting thieves."

:plunder the dungeon:
"For his own amusement, Divayth Fyr permits thieves to test their skills by attempting to steal the treasures he keeps below in the Corprusarium. The dangers are fearful. The inmates are savage, and they carry the most terrible disease on Tamriel. The treasures themselves are guarded by traps and terrors. And the guards, myself chief among them, will take great delight in trying to kill you. Those are the rules. Abide by them ,or leave."

:endure their attacks:
"Do not harm the inmates. I will not tolerate you adding to their suffering. Indeed, they are brutal and ferocious, and they will kill you if they can. But you are their guests, and you may not harm them, or you will answer to me."

:Yagrum Bagarn:
"Yagrum Bagarn is in the bowels of the Corprusarium. Pass through the gate and go straight across to the next door. He rides in a four-legged cart. He's not as dangerous as the other corprus victims. I doubt he'll give you any trouble."

Faern Sargtlin

(manage the way into Corprusarium Bowels)

Yagrum Bagarn

"You're here for the Dwemer boots. Tell my gracious Keeper that I have done what I could. Only a Dwemer magecrafter could have done so much. But only idiots could have created these boots. It shames my race that we must be judged by the works of such lack-wit blunderers."

:Dwemer boots:
"Lord Fyr obtained these enchanted Dwemer boots from an unfortunate thief. And, given the quality of their craftsmanship, little wonder the fellow came a bad end. But I can do nothing for them. The fundamental enchantment is flawed. Might as well start over again... if such a pair of boots could still be fashioned in these benighted latter days. But I have done my best. Take them to Lord Fyr, with my sincere apologies."

Faern Sargtlin

(retrieve Dwemer Boots of Flying)

Yagrum Bagarn

:gracious keeper:
"I owe my life to Lord Fyr. He took me in when I was a mad monster, out of my mind. In time, I emerged from my dementia, and now I am quite lucid most of the time, though my body is still a grotesque and useless prison. And I still have some feeble hope of a cure. Lord Fyr has tried many spells and potions. None have helped me, but neither have they harmed me. If anyone can cure this disease, Lord Fyr can."

:Last Living Dwarf:
"This is how I style myself. I do not know for a fact that I am the last. But in my travels thousands of years ago, I never encountered another. And since I have been here, I often ask Lord Fyr, but he says he has never heard a credible rumor of another Dwemer, on Tamriel, or in any Outer Realm."

:my race:
"Once I was a Master Crafter in the service of Lord Kagrenac, chief architect of the great Second Empire freeholds, and the greatest enchanter of his time. I could not match the genius of Lord Kagrenac, but what he could envision, I and my colleagues could build. All of that is gone forever. I still retain my cunning, but my hands and eyes fail me, and my memories have long faded. My only consolation is each day to mock the gods who destroyed my race, and condemned me to this bleak existence."

:bleak existence:
"Since the disappearance of the Dwarves, I have been alone in this world, trapped in this grim prison. I can scarcely move. And my fellow inmates are scarcely good company. The risk of corprus disease deters most visitors. But if you meet with cultivated minds undaunted by the terrors of the Corprusarium, you might mention your recent interview with the Last Living Dwarf."

:Disappearance of the Dwarves:
"Hmm.... I cannot say what happened. I was not there to observe. I was in an Outer Realm at the time, and when I came back, my people were gone. I left Red Mountain, wandering Tamriel for years, searching our deserted colonies, looking for a survivor or an explanation. Then, a long, long time ago, I returned to Red Mountain, still looking for answers. Instead, I found corprus disease, and I have been here ever since. I have theories, if you are interested."

"Lord Kagrenac, the foremost arcane philosopher and magecrafter of my era, devised tools to shape mythopoeic forces, intending to transcend the limits of Dwemer mortality. However, in reviewing his formulae, some logicians argued that side effects were unpredictable, and errors might be catastrophic. I think Kagrenac might have succeeded in granting our race eternal life, with unforeseen consequences -- such as wholesale displacement to an Outer Realm. Or he may have erred, and utterly destroyed our race."

Faern Sargtlin

(go back to Divayth Fyr)

Divayth Fyr

"Well? Did you get my boots? No boots, no potion...."

"The boots first, please. And now, I'll give you the potion, on the following condition: you must drink it here, before my eyes. It should act immediately, and I need to observe you very carefully. Agreed?"

Faern Sargtlin

"Yes, give me the potion."

Divayth Fyr

"Good. Open your mouth, and close your eyes..."

"Good. Now swallow... Goodness... Good grief! Look! Look! It's... WORKING!"

"Remarkable. Let me check your skin... your eyes... your tongue.... Amazing. I think it worked. No sign of the disease at all. Of course, you still have corprus disease, just like I planned. But all your symptoms are gone. Marvelous. I'll go try it out on some of the more desperate inmates. But I'll answer any questions you have before you go."

:corprus disease:
"See? No more symptoms. Amazing. A bit surprised, myself."

Faern Sargtlin

(go back to Sadrith Mora, Wolverine Hall: Mage's Guild)



"Welcome to Sadrith Mora, Faern Sargtlin. This is the district seat of House Telvanni. We see many outlanders here, but Sadrith Mora is not a very friendly town. Especially if you're an outlander. Can I help you find services?"

:Sadrith Mora:
"Sadrith Mora is the House Telvanni seat, home of the Telvanni Council House and site of Tel Naga, the Councilor Mage-Lord Master Neloth's wizard tower. Visitors cannot enter the town, but must stay in the Gateway, a merchant inn for outsiders. Retainers and kin of the Telvanni can travel freely in town. Many outlanders live here, but most are Telvanni mercenaries, craftsmen, traders, or slavers."

"Unless you are a Telvanni retainer or kin, you're not supposed to sleep anywhere in Sadrith Mora except the Gateway, the official Telvanni hostel for outsider visitors. In theory, you're not supposed to walk around in Sadrith Mora unless you are Telvanni retainer or kin, unless you have the necessary Hospitality papers from the Prefect of Hospitality, Angaredhel the Dunmer, at the Gateway. In practice, stay out of trouble, and you can go where you want and do what you want."

Faern Sargtlin

(teleport to Balmora, and go back to Cosades' house)