TES3 Morrowind: Arriving in Seyda Neen

Released In:


“Stand up, there you go. You were dreaming. What’s your name?”

Faern Sargtlin

“Faern Sargtlin.”


“Well, not even last night’s storm could wake you. I heard them say we’ve reached Morrowind. I’m sure they’ll let us go.”

“Quiet, here comes the guard.”

Guard #1

“This is where you get off, come with me.”

“Get yourself up on deck, and let’s keep this as civil as possible.”

Faern Sargtlin

(get up on deck)

Guard #2

“This is where they want you. Head down to the dock and he’ll show you to the Census Office.”

Imperial Guard

“You finally arrived, but our records don’t show from where.”

Faern Sargtlin

(tell him that that the race is Dunmer)

Imperial Guard

“Great. I’m sure you’ll fit right in. Follow me up to the office and they’ll finish your release.”

Faern Sargtlin

(enter the building)

Socucius Ergalla

“Ahh yes, we’ve been expecting you. You’ll have to be recorded before you’re officially released. There are a few ways we can do this, and the choice is yours.”

Faern Sargtlin

“I am a Bard.”

Socucius Ergalla

“Very good. The letter that preceded you mentioned you were born under a certain sign. And what would that be?”

Faern Sargtlin

Thief sign.

Socucius Ergalla

“Interesting. Now before I stamp these papers, make sure this information is correct.”

“Show your papers to the Captain when you exit to get your release fee.”

Faern Sargtlin

(walk away and find a ring)

(talk to Captain Sellus Gravius)

Sellus Gravius

“First, let me take your identification papers. Thank you. Word of your arrival only reached me yesterday. I am Sellus Gravius. But my background is not important. I’m here to welcome you to Morrowind.”

“Yes. You’re in Morrowind. I don’t know why you’re here. Or why you were released from prison and shipped here. But your authorization comes directly from Emperor Uriel Septim VII himself. And I don’t need to know any more than that. When you leave this office, you are a free man. But before you go, I have instructions on your duties. Instructions from the Emperor. So pay careful attention.”

:Uriel Septim:
“Yes, Uriel Septim is still the emperor. According to my instructions, he personally authorized your release from prison and your delivery here. It’s all very mysterious. But that’s the way the Empire works. Silence. Secrecy. Let not the left hand know what the right hand is doing.”

:the Empire:
“Yes, of course this is the Empire. This is Vvardenfell District of the province of Morrowind. And Morrowind has been part of the Empire for over 400 years. The current emperor is Uriel Septim, 24th of the Septim line. You haven’t been in prison that long, have you? Nothing wrong with your head, is there? The men said you were acting a little strange when you they brought you in from the ship.”

This package came with the news of your arrival. You are to take it to Caius Cosades, in the town of Balmora. Go to the South Wall Cornerclub, and ask for Caius Cosades — they’ll know where to find him. Serve him as you would serve the Emperor himself. I also have a letter for you, and a disbursal to your name.

:Caius Cosades:
Report to Caius Cosades in Balmora. I can’t tell you where to find him, but you are to go to the South Wall Cornerclub and ask for him. Someone there can direct you to him.

“Balmora is north of Seyda Neen. The road passes Pelagiad village and Fort Pelagiad, crosses a deep ravine, passes Fort Moonmoth, then turns west across the Odai River and into Balmora. The South Wall cornerclub is in southeast Balmora, on the east side of the river. For more detailed directions, talk to Elone the Scout at Arrille’s Tradehouse here in Seyda Neen. But take my advice. You’re new here. Take the silt strider to Balmora. Fast, cheap, safe. Cross the bridge and head east. Can’t miss it.”

Faern Sargtlin

(get out of the building and meet Fargoth)


“Are you the one that boat dropped off? Odd to see a boat arrive at that time of the day. Hope the Imperials treated you okay. I swear they took my ring.”

“I swear one of the Guards has it. I had it last week before their weekly “Let’s shake down Fargoth” ritual. An engraved healing ring, family heirloom of mine. You haven’t seen it have you?”

Faern Sargtlin

“Yes, I found it! Here take it.”


“You found it! Amazing! Thank you, thank you! You are now my favorite friend. I’ll be sure to tell the others, especially my friend Arrille who runs the tradehouse here. Go see him, he’ll be happy to see you now!”

Faern Sargtlin

(enter Arrile’s Tradehouse)


“Welcome to Arrille’s Tradehouse. I’m Arrille, publican and proprietor. Don’t take what doesn’t belong to you. You’re a new face here. If you want to buy from me, you have to barter. If you want a little advice — free to new customers — just ask. Would you like to hear about our most popular potions? Our most popular scrolls?”

:popular potion:
“Cure Common Disease and Cure Blight Disease potions are most popular with travelers. Fortify strength, endurance, speed, agility are very helpful in combat. Fortify personality is popular with merchants and shy persons. Of course, fortify fatigue keeps you fighting at your best. Restore health and restore fatigue are perhaps our most popular items. And for a short burst of power during a fight, you can’t beat greef, shein, flin, mazte, and sujamma.”

:popular scrolls:
“Vigor and Vitality are our best-selling bargain items, restoring fatigue and health, respectively. Almsivi Intervention and Divine Intervention transport you instantly to the nearest Temple or nearest Imperial shrine — good for routine or emergency transportation. Heartwise helps with persuasion. Summon Skeletal Minion brings help in a jiffy. And Drathis’ Winter Guest does a lot of damage at a touch — handy to whittle a too-tough opponent down to size.”

“The native comberry brandy is locally called greef. Greef is a strong stimulant, but like all intoxicants, it tends to impair physical coordination. That is, it makes you feel real strong, but makes you clumsy.”

“The native comberry wine is locally called shein. Shein is a strong stimulant, but using it results in impaired judgement. You may gain a lot of endurance, but you won’t be very smart.”

“Imported Cyrodiilic whiskey is called flin. This stimulating beverage is imported and expensive, but has none of the unpleasant side effects of other intoxicating beverages. A sharp boost in strength and willpower is what most people experience.”

“Mazte is a local beer brewed from fermented saltrice. Cheap, plentiful, and invigorating, this beverage is very popular, despite its dulling effect of wit and judgement. For the price, folks are willing to feel dumb and weak-willed, so long as they feel really strong.”

“The local Dunmer liquor, sujamma, is extremely potent, and indulgence results in elevated spirits and diminished mental faculties. The local Dunmer liquor, sujamma, is extremely potent, and indulgence results in elevated spirits and diminished mental faculties. Has a kick like a guar — very strong, and just as stupid.”

:Cyrodiilic brandy:
“Cyrodiilic brandy, an invigorating and stimulating alcoholic beverage, is imported and expensive in Morrowind, but it is claimed to have none of the unpleasant side effects of other intoxicants. I hear it fortifies Willpower and Endurance. I don’t know, myself… I save this for paying customers.”

:Telvanni bug musk:
“Telvanni bug musk is an expensive perfume made from the scent glands of Grazelands beetles. The substance is sold in sealed flasks, and appears as a dark red-brown paste. The subtle but compelling fragrance is attractive to all mortal races and all sexes. Even a barbarian can be persuasive wearing this perfume.”

“Skooma is an illegal narcotic substance made from refined moon sugar. Criminals use it as a kind of currency. They say it makes you fast and strong, but clumsy and stupid. Of course, I want nothing to do with it.”

Faern Sargtlin

(buy some equipments)
(go to Silt Strider Port)

Darvame Hleran

“This is the seaport village of Seyda Neen, outlander, in the Bitter Coast region. I’m a caravaner, and I manage the silt strider port here. Tell me your destination, if you’re looking for a ride. Or if you’re new to Seyda Neen, I can help you with local services, or any specific place in Seyda Neen you’re looking for. Or if you want someone in particular, maybe I know where to look.”

:silt strider:
“Silt striders carry passengers and cargo between settlements on Vvardenfell. Fares depend on distance to be traveled. Silt striders are giant insects. A compartment for passengers and cargo is hollowed from the creature’s shell; the driver directs the beast by directly manipulating exposed organs and tissues. Silt striders travel between Ald’ruhn, Balmora, Seyda Neen, Suran, Gnisis, Molag Mar, Maar Gan, and North Landing near Vivec.”

“I can take you by silt strider from Seyda Neen to Balmora, Vivec, Gnisis, and Suran.”

Faern Sargtlin

(buy passage to Balmora)


Selvil Sareloth

“Good day, stranger. Welcome to Balmora, council seat of House Hlaalu. I’m your local caravaner, and I hope can find you a silt strider travel to your destination. Or, if you are new to Balmora, can I help you with local services? Do you need someone in particular? Or is there a specific place in Balmora I can help you find?”

“Balmora is the Council Seat of Great House Hlaalu, and the largest town on Vvardenfell except for Vivec City. Located on the Odai River, and sitting astride the Ald’ruhn-Vivec road, Balmora is an important mercantile trade and travel center. High Town is the administrative center, with the Temple and manor houses. The shops, guilds, and tradehouses of the Commercial District are north of the river; Labor Town’s modest cornerclubs and homes are south of the river.”

:someone in particular:
“None of the Hlaalu counselors live in Balmora. Nileno Dorvayn at the Council Hall is the ranking Hlaalu local. At the Fighters Guild, Eydis Fire-Eye is the steward. Ethasi Rilvayn is the Morag Tong steward. Feldrelo Sadri is the steward for the Balmora Tribunal Temple. Sugar Lips Habasi is the local Thieves Guild boss. Who am I missing? Oh. Mages Guild. Ranis Athrys is their steward.”

:specific place:
“Balmora’s a big town. Think in terms of districts. High Town, on the hill to the west, has the Temple, Hlaalu Council Hall, rich manors, better shops, and the Morag Tong. The Commercial District, just west of the river, has the Fighters Guild and Mages Guild, shops and inns. Labor Town, east of the river, where the commoners and poor live, has only the South Wall Cornerclub. Fort Moonmoth, southeast of town, houses the Legion garrison and the Imperial cult.”

“Roads south lead to Pelagiad, Seyda Neen, and Vivec. Silt strider service goes to Seyda Neen, Ald’ruhn, Suran, and Vivec. Roads north lead to Caldera and Ald’ruhn. Guild guides at the Mages Guild can teleport you to Ald’ruhn, Vivec, Caldera, and Sadrith Mora for a fee. Hla Oad is southwest on the coast. There’s no trail, and it’s easy to get lost. The only route to Ghostgate is via Foyada Mamaea.”

:Balmora Fighter Guild:
“West of the Odai River, looking up towards the Temple, the Fighters Guild is halfway up on your right. They’re always looking for people. If you’re thinking of joining up, ask for Eydis Fire-Eye, the local Guild Steward.”

:Balmora Mages Guild:
“The Mages Guild is west of the river, one street up from the waterside, by the open plaza just north of the silt strider port. If you were planning to join the Mages Guild, you want to talk to Ranis Athrys, the Guild Steward.”

:Thieves Guild:
“As everyone knows, the Thieves Guild is at war with the Camonna Tong. The Thieves Guild is the new gang in town, and the Camonna Tong, the old gang, wants the Thieves Guild dead. It’s a mess. You don’t want to get involved.”

:Camonna Tong:
“The Camonna Tong is the old criminal syndicate here in Morrowind. And, as everyone around here knows, there’s a gang war between the Thieves Guild and the Camonna Tong. In Balmora, the Camonna Tong hangs out over at the cornerclub called the Council Club. Watch yourself if you go in there. They’re not very nice people.”

:Balmora Temple:
“The Balmora Temple stands on Rich Hill in the northwest part of town. The shrine there cures diseases and poison, and they offer various other services as well.”

:South Wall:
“South Wall is a working class cornerclub in Balmora, east of Odai River, on the south end of Labor Street, owned by Bacola Closcius.”

Faern Sargtlin

(go to South Wall Cornerclub)

Bacola Closcius

“Greetings, Citizen. I’m Bacola Closcius. Welcome to Balmora. We’re a House Hlaalu town, and loyal citizens of the Empire. What can I do for you?”

:Caius Cosades:
“Old Caius rents a little bed-and-basket just up the hill on the north edge of town. Go out the front door — NOT the upper door to the terrace — then right up the stairs, then left at the top of the stairs and down to the end of the street.”

Faern Sargtlin

(go to Cosades’ house)

Caius Cosades

“What? Yes. I’m Caius Cosades. But, what do you mean, you were told to “Report to Caius Cosades”? What are you talking about?”

:Report to Caius Cosades:
“So. You say your name is Faern Sargtlin, and you’ve been told to report to me and deliver a package. Perhaps you’ll let me look at it?”

Faern Sargtlin


Caius Cosades

:Report to Caius Cosades:
“Yes. Very interesting. So. It says here the Emperor wants me to make you a Novice in the Blades. And that means you’ll be following my orders. Are you ready to follow my orders, Faern Sargtlin?”

“Are you ready to join the Blades and follow my orders, as the Emperor commands?”

Faern Sargtlin


Caius Cosades

:Report to Caius Cosades:
“Good. Welcome to the service, Novice Faern Sargtlin. Now you belong to the Blades. We’re the Emperor’s eyes and ears in the provinces. You can use my bed if you need to rest, but leave my personal stuff alone unless I say otherwise. If you like, you can improve your modest skills with our Blades Trainers now. Or if you’re in a hurry. I can give you orders right away. But don’t forget to visit the Blades Trainers.”

“We’re spies. We’re the Emperor’s hidden eyes and ears in the provinces. We watch the Emperor’s enemies. We look for opportunities. We make reports. And, when the Emperor commands, we obey. But we’re only one of many guilds and factions in Morrowind. You should know a little about Morrowind politics before you get involved with any of these other groups.”

:Blade Trainers:
“These Blades agents offer training… not free, of course, but cheap for a fellow agent. Look for Rithleen, Tyermaillin, and Nine-Toes here in Balmora. In Caldera, see Surane Leoriane. In Ald’ruhn, see Gildan. Sjorvar Horse-Mouth lives in a hut west of Ald’ruhn. And Elone the Scout can be found at Arrille’s Tradehouse in Seyda Neen.”

“First thing, pilgrim. You’re new. And you look it. Here’s 200 drakes. Go get yourself a decent weapon. Or armor. Or a spell. And second thing… you need a cover identity. Around here, ‘freelance adventurer’ is a common profession. Sign on with the Fighters Guild, or Mages Guild, or Imperial cult, or Imperial legion, advance in the ranks, gain skill and experience. Or go out on your own, look for freelance work, or trouble. Then, when you’re ready, come back, and I’ll have orders for you.”

Faern Sargtlin

(go to the guilds of Balmora, and have some fun with them)
(go back to Cosades’ house)

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