TES3 Morrowind: Meeting Preparations

Released In:


Nibani Maesa

“You are the Nerevarine. Ask, and I shall answer, with Azura’s blessing.”

:Fourth trial:
“You are Hortator of all three Great Houses, Redoran, Hlaalu, and Telvanni. You have fulfilled that part of the prophecy. You have fulfilled the Fourth Trial of the Seven Visions.”

:Fifth trial:
“You have been named Nerevarine by the four tribes of Vvardenfell. You have fulfilled that part of the prophecy. Urshilaku, Ahemmusa, Zainab, and Erabenimsun, all have named you Nerevarine. You have fulfilled the Fifth Trial of the Seven Visions.”

:Sixth trial:
“I was blind, but Azura’s star has guided me through my dreams. Vivec’s high priest, Saryoni, has asked to see you when you are Hortator and Nerevarine. Go to him, and demand to speak with the false god Vivec. Vivec has tried to keep Kagrenac’s Tools secret, but you will need these tools when you stand before Dagoth Ur. Get Kagrenac’s Tools from Vivec. They are the keys to the riddle of the Sixth and Seventh Trials.”

:Kagrenac’s Tools:
“In The Lost Prophecy, ‘star-blessed hand wields thrice-cursed blade.’ Gilvas Barelo has told you of Kagrenac’s Tools, the enchanted devices the Tribunal use to steal power from Lorkhan’s heart. One of these tools is the blade Keening. Your star-blessed hand must wield Keening. If Vivec has this blade, it is your fate to take this blade from him.”

Faern Sargtlin

(go to Vivec)


Danso Indules

“Quickly! Did you want to meet the archcanon?”

:meet the archcanon:
“The archcanon is in his private quarters, and he very much wishes to speak with you, but I am to warn you… avoid confrontations with the Ordinators at all costs. The archcanon has spoken with the High Fane Ordinators, but if you are a wanted criminal, they may try to arrest you. If the blood of faithful servants of the Temple is spilled, it will make a reconciliation all that much more difficult.”

:private quarters:
“The archcanon is waiting alone to speak with you in his private quarters. His private quarters are in the southern half of the East Chapel of the High Fane. But there are Ordinators at the entrances to both the East and West Chapels.”

:avoid confrontations:
“There is a private back entrance to Saryoni’s private quarters. Perhaps you might also sneak past the Ordinators by stealth or magic.”

:private back entrance:
“A door on the eastern canalside level leads through a smaller room and into Saryoni’s private quarters. But the door is always locked, and the Ordinators control the keys.”

:sneak past:
“Ordinators are highly trained, and sneaking past them, even aided by magic, may be very difficult. But if you have any art in stealth or magic, you should use it to avoid trouble.”

Faern Sargtlin

(manage the way to meet Archcanon)

Tholer Saryoni

“Thank you for coming, Faern Sargtlin. You know the Temple’s doctrine on the Nerevarine. Perhaps it is time to change that doctrine.”

:Temple’s doctrine:
“The Temple must protect the people from false doctrines. And your association with Imperial intelligence makes your motivations and integrity suspect. But you have been chosen Hortator and Nerevarine by the Dunmer people. And we have reached a crisis with Dagoth Ur. We can no longer defend the people against the awakened Sixth House. You and your prophecies may represent our last hope.”

“Our situation is desperate. But I would rather have you hear the details of our situation, and the circumstances leading up to that situation, from Lord Vivec himself. He has asked to see you. Would you agree to a private meeting with him, and hear in person what he has to say?”

Faern Sargtlin

“Yes, I will meet with Vivec.”

Tholer Saryoni

:Temple’s doctrine:
“Good. Here are two keys: one to the private back entrance to my quarters, the other to a locked entrance to Lord Vivec’s palace. I regret that, at present, the Ordinators are not completely under my control, so, for now, I’ll ask you to avoid confrontations with them. Lord Vivec is expecting you. His Lordship is remarkably patient, but perhaps it would be better not to keep him waiting.”

Faern Sargtlin

(receive Archcanon’s Private Key and Secret Palace Entrance Key)
(go to Palace of Vivec)

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