TES3 Bloodmoon: Thirsk

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Faern Sargtlin

(depart to find Nord village)
(meet Reinhardt Red-Spear)

Reinhardt Red-Spear

“So, you travel the wilds of Solstheim, just as I do? Here’s a word of advice from one wanderer to another — keep your eyes open and your wits about you. There’s more than bears and wolves roaming about this island. If you find yourself face to face with the berserkers or fryse hags, sheathe your blade and get to running! If you need shelter, my kinsfolk at Thirsk will gladly take you in.”

“Lots of them around this island. Some of them are pretty nasty, even diseased. Doesn’t pay to mess with them, though their pelts can be valuable, I hear.”

“They’re all over this island. Some travel in packs, which makes them especially dangerous. I’ve heard some carry disease, as well. I knew someone who tried to tame a wolf once. He used to raise guars so he thought he could use the same techniques. You know what? It almost worked…well, no, actually, it didn’t work at all. The idiot owed me money, too.”

“They are called “bare-sarks” in the Nord tongue, beause of their insistence on going bare-chested even in the most severe blizzard. They’re crazy as they come, friend, and care only for savagery and murder. It is said they are so attracted to death, they make their homes in some of Solstheim’s burial barrows. I’ve also heard rumor of some kind of berserker “mother” but no one has ever seen her and lived to tell about it.”

:fryse hags:
“The fryse hags are mages dedicated to the teachings of Kyne, the widow of the god Shor. Each is a powerful sorceress skilled in the use of frost-based magicka. They’re vicious lasses, and view most people as a threat to their beliefs. They’ve been seen out in the wild, and in a couple of the ice caves.”

“Thirsk is the finest mead hall you’ll ever visit, friend. It lies north of here, to the east of Lake Fjalding. If you reach the Skaal Village, you’ve gone too far. When you get there, see Ulfrun. She’s in charge of the mead, and will gladly sell you a flagon or three.”

“Surely you jest! Mead is the nectar of the god Shor! It’s made from fermented honey, and is the finest drink ever to touch a Nord’s lips.”

:Lake Fjalding:
“It’s a big lake toward the northeast. Of course, it’s covered by ice, so it’s not of much use.”

“They live in a village on the northeast end of Solstheim, and view the island’s bears and wolves as sacred.”

:someone in particular:
“If you get to Thirsk, heed the wisdom of Svenja Snow-Song. She has long been my good friend, and I have always known her advice to be sound.”

Faern Sargtlin

(go north to Thirsk)


Faern Sargtlin

(enter the mead hall)


“Hail, stranger. I am Ulfrun, and I welcome you to the mead hall of Thirsk. So long as you behave yourself, we’ll get along just fine. If you want to buy some mead, just ask. If you haven’t already I suggest you introduce yourself to Skjoldr Wolf-Runner. He’s the chieftain of this mead hall, and will want to greet a new arrival.”

“Aye, mead is the nectar of the gods! It’s made from fermented honey, and has been known to knock even the strongest Nord on her backside!”

Faern Sargtlin

(go talk to Skjoldr Wolf-Runner)

Skjoldr Wolf-Runner

“Hail, good Faern Sargtlin! Skjoldr Wolf-Runner is my name. I am the chieftain of Thirsk, and welcome you to our home. You’ll not find a better mead hall anywhere, not even in Skyrim. For one hundred years Thirsk has withstood all manner of attack, from the snow and hail to those infernal Rieklings. But the mead hall still stands, and its hospitality is unmatched. Please, stay and relax. Enjoy our fine drink, and seek shelter from the cold. Here, my friend — taste the nectar of Shor!”

“Thirsk is the name of this mead hall. It was built over five hundred years ago by a group of Nords who left the Skaal Village. They were led by Hrothmund the Red, who became Thirsk’s first chieftain.”

“They’re vicious little things. If you see one, you’re in for a fight. If you see one riding a Tusked Bristleback, you’re in for a REAL fight.”

:Tusked Bristleback:
“The Tusked Bristleback is a type of boar native to Solstheim. There are lots of them around, and they’re sometimes hunted for their meat. The Bristlebacks can be vicious, too. That’s why the Rieklings use them as mounts.”

:little advice:
“They say spriggans die three deaths. Best to avoid them if I were you.”

“If you’re ever out walking, admiring the trees, and trees start chasing you — well, those are probably spriggans!”

:specific place:
Sometimes Thormoor likes to watch the sea from a great rock on the western shore of the island. He spends so much time there we’ve started calling it “Thormoor’s Watch.”

:Captain Carius:
“Isn’t he the one in charge at Fort Frostmoth? He’s with the Imperial Legion, like the rest of them.”

Svenja Snow-Song:

“Hail, Bard. Svenja Snow-Song is my name. We welcome guests here at Thirsk, so long as they behave themselves. Respect my home and my clan, and we’ll get along just fine. One word of advice, though — stay clear of Erich the Unworthy. He’s more trouble than he’s worth.”

:Erich the Unworthy:
“Erich is a disgusting brute of a Nord. I’ve met frost boars more charming than that oaf. He may be my clan brother, but there are days I wish someone would just come in here and teach that oaf some manners. You get what I’m saying, Bard?”

Faern Sargtlin

(since there is no more information can be gained, decide to depart for Skaal village)

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