Vashabar In Valenwood and Beyond

Author: Melbora
Released In:

by Melbora, Wilderhall Scholar

I’ve organized these notes as you requested, spinner. The history of our clan goes back long enough to fill volumes. I’ve tried to keep things simple as I can.

While the village of Vashabar was founded only a few short months ago, many of the families in our clan can trace their lineage to after the fall of the Ayleid Empire but before the Alessian Empire’s dissolution. It is somewhat amazing that these same families stayed together when they migrated to Valenwood so long ago. Though we have always been a small community, you can see the tracks of history wending their way through our bloodlines.

A number of our most important early community members were part of the Heartland Elf diaspora, though many of these former conquerors adopted the teachings of the Green Pact.

Our tradition of Greenspeaking, perfecting the techniques of shaping the forest, stem from early in the Second Era. One of our own, an ancestor of Nedolir, developed techniques that would lead (eventually) to the cultivation of seedpod houses across Valenwood.

The tradition of dawnwalking that would eventually lead to the Dawnway movement is a more recent development, though it has its roots in our Ayleid ancestors. When King Nantharion adapted the movement and began bringing our community into clearer focus, we were more than ready to make the move when the Green showed us a way to return to our roots across the Strid.

The new forest seemed like it was grown specifically for us, so that we could reclaim the heritage of our Ayleid ancestors. You know the rest. We packed up and followed King Nantharion to this sacred spot and the greenspeakers got to work. It wasn’t long before the first tendrils of Vashabar were grown.

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