Notes on Tho’at Replicanum

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Notes on Tho’at Replicanum

Reserved for Malkhest and not to be filed until they’ve been copied—in full—into his journal.

Note to self, if you record any theories that are not solidly backed with facts, do not let the filers near this book. The filers are more judgmental than the Telvanni and eschew all mortal ideas as “temporary and fallible”. No need to subject myself to their ridicule unduly.

Tho’at Replicanum is not a creature of flesh. She is living ink. A being of magic and words.

Tho’at Replicanum can travel from page to page, crossing the sections of the archive’s library via the books themselves.

Tho’at Replicanum can create other creatures of ink. They are currently called maligraphies and appear to be characters heavily influenced by the books they are pulled from. It is currently unclear if Tho’at manifests them as separate entities (similar to a summoning) or if they share her mind and are Tho’at in a separate body. More research will have to be done.

Tho’at Replicanum is not a singular entity. She has the capacity to replicate herself out of the same process she creates the maligraphies. The current number of Replicanum in the archive is thus far unknown.

Not all of the maligraphies Tho’at Replicanum creates are hostile. I do not have an explanation for this currently. Perhaps this is a way of camouflaging the maligraphies? By hiding some under a guise of helpfulness or friendliness Tho’at is attempting to secret her magic further into the Infinite Archive?

Things that remain unknown.
– Tho’at Replicanum’s intention or purpose for infecting the Infinite Archive. She sometimes references that she is searching for something, but she has not been clearer on what.
– Tho’at Replicanum’s origins. How did she come to the Infinite Archive?

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