The Silver Rose Blooms over Borderwatch

Released In:

In the year 2E 87 the Knights of the Silver Rose launched a perilous campaign against a Xivilai clan who sought to invade Borderwatch. While little is known about how they intercepted the Xivilai’s plans or became aware of it, their methods were swift and effective. Accounts written by Collatinus Antias, a member of the order describe the Knight’s assault tactics.

“We stole through the night, creeping across the hills and through the grasses with stealth which surprised even our seasoned Knight commander. Our formations were well-organized, with nary a space for weakness or fault. When the battle finally commenced, our attack shocked the battle-hardened Daedra so much that their surprise allowed us the upper hand. We struck fiercely and true. After all these months of training, the battle took little longer than a night. The Xivilai are used to fighting as individuals, gaining their own glory through their battle skills. This was their eventual downfall since their lack of formation could find no bearing against our well-practiced tactics. We spent the following days giving praise and thanks to the mother of the Rose who saw us through the battle. In her name, we succeed. In her name, our lands are safe from corruption. And, in her name, we act.

Blessed be Azura, who is the guiding strength behind our attack.”

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