The Felling of Windweaper’s Grove

Released In:

By the order of Knightmaster Alyxe Justal and the edict of 1E 2907, we are hereby mandated to clear the Windweaper’s Grove of all forms of wildlife both violent and benevolent.

From this day forth, no sort of tree-life, lurchers, Graft-root beings, insects, or squirrels will stifle our site of construction. For that is the cause of this edict. Where the Windweaper’s grove now stands, is being consigned to the flow of progress and civilization. Knightmaster Alyxe Justal commissioned the construction of a temple of Arkay, in honor of the sacred grove protected by the spriggans, currently in residence there, as well as new barracks for the ever-growing militia protecting our great town.

In the name of Zenithar, may our work be productive and our toil not without merit.
May Arkay accept our temple, constructed in his name.
And, most importantly, may Akatosh allow our work to pass quickly.

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