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Malkhest's Journal

Librarian Comment: 

This book was added in update 40: Endless Archive

For being just a section of Apocrypha's great library, the Endless Archive has always been a nebulous labyrinth. A conduit for confusion and a trap for those whose orienteering has not adapted to the mercurial nature of this realm. While the disparate locations within the archive's vast and sprawling space appear very different from one another, the pathways between them are often unknowingly traversed, making backtracking to the entrance nigh on impossible at the best of times.
During their last rift-visit, the Scribes of Mora attempted to map the twisting array of the Endless Archive. They made some progress toward understanding the internal logic of this place, but their rift began to close before they could map it in its entirety. I fear there may be some of their number still wandering the corridors and hallways within.
All of this is to say that this place has always been formidable. Lately it feels as if the archive is more chaotic than ever. I took the Scribes' map with me on my most recent excursion into the depths. None of the gateways between the archive's myriad sections aligned with the maps—which has never happened before. This confirms my anecdotal suspicions. To say that the locations within the Endless Archive are rearranging themselves would be an overstatement, but that may be what is occurring to some degree. More accurately, I believe there are metaphysical doors creating new links between these locations. More metaphorically speaking, the doors connecting these archive wings are opening and locking randomly. More than that, it's infested with carpenters who insist on changing the blueprint or building new annexes! In short, there is something strange afoot here and I intend to get to the bottom of this mystery.
* * *
My journey today was purely academic. While I confirmed the existence of the archive's ever-shifting nature, I was also able to devise tactics with which to combat the mercurial halls. Thanks to the Index and my filer companions, I am able to traverse through the hallways with only slightly more annoyance than I otherwise would have. This is no great victory, but at least I can return to my primary objective of researching more about this confusing place.
Today, I searched for The Elusive Traveler, a book of some small historical note by Carnius Missonnie—an author of similar unimportance. All told, I didn't expect this particular volume to shed any light on the question of what the Endless Archive is, but quite notably, it was missing from the Index's records.
Filer Jun located the book in a wing by the bridges and I was able to skim its pages before beginning my long walk back. The book appears to be in a similar vein as the majority that fill this area. It is a moderately embellished historical account of the Vestige's travels. Many of the books contained within the Endless Archive fall under the category of historical accounts of more recent events.
Now, many of the accounts agree on the basic order of the events they recount, though they do tend to disagree on the specifics. For example, one book will say that the Dragon Joorahmaar breathed fire while others insist that clouds of poisonous smoke erupted from his mouth. Given the differences in these accounts, the truth remains somewhat blurred.
I am coming into a hypothesis of my own though. I mentioned how the Index's catalog was suspiciously devoid of information regarding The Elusive Traveler. This is not the first tome which lacked information that I have stumbled across. Without hunting down another book to confirm my theory, I will write it here and save the expedition for another day. My theory is this—the books in the catalog which have limited information available in the index deal with the Vestige's history. If my theory proves correct, what is the significance of this fact? And how can I find all the books? There must be a way to enter them all into the record.
* * *
I stumbled into what I can only describe as a vision or a pocket realm or something far stranger that I cannot force my mind to rationalize.
I journeyed into the Endless Archive, once again in search of a book to further my research into this place's history. But this time, when I reached the end of one section, two portals appeared instead of one. Now, I have a healthy appreciation of the threats of this place. I know what dangers lie in straying from the known paths—especially now. So, I cannot rightly say what drove me to step into the second portal. From there my experience became indescribably strange.
My eyes didn't fit in my skull. They still ache from being stretched beyond their usual parameters. And my teeth feel entirely too small. I remember a nauseating amount of sugar, the sweetness sticks to everything. When I came to my senses, retching on the ground with just enough wherewithal to ensure that I didn't soil a priceless folio, the sweetness followed me. It's still here, like a sort of honey toffee clinging to the back of my mouth. My legs and arms ache as well. As if I've run a great distance, but I was back on the same platform from which I left.
I will turn to bed after finishing this account. Maybe whatever I experienced will make more sense after a long rest.