Report From the Wendir Dig

Author: Gwindethor
Released In:

To: Bregorin, Keeper of the Recollection
From: Gwindethor, Expedition Liaison

Keeper Bregorin,

I beg to report that the work at Wendir proceeds slowly. The area surrounding the ruin is inhabited by minotaurs, who take a dim view of our presence here. They have gotten into the underground passages as well and this may indicate that there are other entrances than the one we know about.

We found nothing so far that indicates that the Emblem of the Last King or other Ayleid relics are within. Most discoveries have been abandoned bottles of aged wine, holy water, and blood. The complex is sprawling, and there are several places where our progress is halted by some blockage or sealed gate. Exploration is further hampered by statues that come to life and attack our explorers. Deadly traps are still active after all these centuries. In particular, many these traps emit a petrifying gas which immobilizes the target and gives them a calcified appearance, making it look like they have been turned to stone.

Finally, there has been great difficulty with our “official expert.” He may have some knowledge in his field but has proved to be insufferable in his dealings with others. If he is not boring our fellow Wood Elves with ridiculous tales of his exploits, he is drooling over some statue, inscription, or broken pottery shard that we have excavated. Frankly, I do not trust him to not pocket some valuable trinkets for his own use.

I humbly request that we dismiss this expert immediately, either removing him from the excavations or removing him from the branches of Life. He is getting on my nerves, and if he reminds me one more time of how he impressed you with his suaveness and knowledge, I will throw him down a well myself.

Always remember,

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