Blue Aedral Shipment Details

Author: Ruri
Released In:

Gilroy Vassinus,

The next shipment of Blue Aedral leaves in a week’s time. I told Orissa that I’ve already scouted the route so you’re clear to move in and set your ambush.

When we arrive, I’ll stand near the crates containing the Blue Aedral. It’s a precious few bottles, so be gentle with them. And me, for that matter. Rough me up just enough that they won’t suspect my betrayal.

A few of your crystaljack keepers dressed like ruffians should do the trick. Orissa may be proud, but she isn’t a fighter. And keep those new pets of yours far away from this. I don’t know what Oblivion pit you found those wasps in, but I want them nowhere near me or the others.

You better hold up your side of the bargain. And to be clear, I want gold. Not honey or whatever you get from those fiendish wasps. Gold, my weight of it.


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