The Day of Remembering

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My fellow recallers,

The Day of Remembering is at hand! All our struggles, all our doubts, all our hard choices have led to this moment. We were the first to awaken from the forgetfulness woven by the foes of the Prince of Paths. Now we shall lead the way into the glorious age to come, when the world remembers our Prince and bows before her glory!

You have each played a part in bringing the Day of Remembering closer. Hold fast to your duty a little longer, my friends. It is no easy thing to bring a forgotten memory to life again, but that is exactly what we are called to do.

Through your work, we have unearthed the wellsprings of power. Now it is time to wake them with one final wildburn. Then we will share our Prince’s glory with all the world.

For the Recollection! For the Prince of Paths!

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