Letter to Vashabar

Author: Bredirel
Released In:


Hope things are going better for you in Vashabar than they are here in these Yffre-forsaken Imperial lands. We’ve been at this for three weeks now and have precious little to show except for ancient trash, sore muscles, and short tempers. And headaches for those of us forced to listen to that Dark Elf prattle on about his achievements.

All the promises of some great lost treasure have come to nothing so far, as all we found of interest has been ancient bottles of wine, water, and blood. The others are about to throw down their tools and quit this place. We’re in the heart of Imperial territory, and I don’t think they’re going to take our explorations well once they find out we’re here. But the Dark Elf keeps saying “one more room,” “one more chamber,” and “just look at this inscription.” Bah!

And then there are the traps, still active after all these centuries. The worst of them turn the careless to stone! We’ve found a few blocked passages and sealed entrances. We think there’s one set behind a huge altar, but that has so far confounded us. Our Dark Elf may be able to get us through, but I’ll be damned if we’re going to ask him. Better to keep him away, or better yet, let a statue come to life and “accidentally” fall on him.

I am sick to my back teeth of this place, these creatures, and most of all the “noted author and adventurer” Narsis Dren. May the Wild Hunt chase him and catch up with him!

Love to the children, and tell them that mother will be back in a few weeks, But remember, not a word about the Recollection to anyone in Vashabar. Not a word!


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