Instructions for After the Hunt

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

Librarian Note:

Like many notes in Battlespire, this book did not have an official, in-game title. It’s current title (“Instructions for After the Hunt”) was chosen by Lady Nerevar based on its contents.

We are heartened by your success in the Hunt.

Seek Lord Imago within his castle in the far north of Havok Wellhead. He knows of your coming. But he may place obstacles in your path to test your merit and sincerity.

The lands of Faydra’s clan lie to the west. The lands of Xivilai’s clan lie to the east. These places are not open to the Dremora, and are a mystery to us. However, it may be that a cunning raider like yourself with find somethings of use there.

To leave this realm you must enter the gate within Imago’s castle. There are three keys to this gate. One I know is in the keeping of Lord Imago. The other two keys are, I presume, in the hands of Dagon’s favorites, Faydra and Xivilai. This gate will bear you to the Hunting Lodge of Mehrunes Dagon, where your friend is held.

We wish we could do more to help you. The matter rests now with you, and with the Tides of Fate.

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