Note to Jaciel

Released In:
Author (in-game): Deyani

Like many notes in Battlespire, this book did not have an official, in-game title. It’s current title (“Note to Jaciel”) was chosen by Lady Nerevar based on its contents.

This book has been reproduced exactly as it was found in the game’s data files. The “Deyani” mentioned here is likely Deyanira, though I do not know why the last two letters were left off.

[[Among a group of notes you find the following hand-written note:]]

Jaciel —

Are you aware that some of the Seducers have been meeting in the Chapel of Reflections? I felt distinctly that I was not welcome. I have seen other secretive and furtive behavior from these recruits that makes me anxious.

I know you have accepted these Lordless Daedra as retainers. In fact, I strongly advocated their case to you. You are most generous in affording them protection, and shrewd in recruiting warriors of ancient craft and skill. But I begin to doubt the wisdom of retaining agents of such doubtful loyalty. Perhaps this is a risk we cannot afford.

Please speak with me about this at your earliest convenience.


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