Dirty Scroll

Author: Anonymous
Released In:

Some of the men were worried about these old ruins being haunted, but Mephala take them — this spot’s going to be perfect for ambushing merchants along the road. And all under the nose of the Imperial Legion!

Finally got some of those big blue stones down today. Berenice got the idea to shoot them down with her bow. Got ’em all here with me. I don’t know what they are, but they stink of magicka. Bet they’ll fetch a nice price with the Mage’s Guild.

Two-Coins and that khajiit from Vvardenfell set up their camps down in the tomb. Fine by me, spares the rest of us the smell.

Two-Coins ran up today, the Khajiit’s gone missing. Swore to the Nine that you could hear claws scrabbling at limestone, but nothing’s down there. I’m guessing she got tired of the smell and snuck out overnight. Two-Coins’ stench could peel shells off mudcrabs – I’m surprised she hung around that long.

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