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Wine Ingredient List


I can make the following wines for you in about 24 hours, provided I have the necessary ingredients.

Frostdew Blanc:
Aloe Vera Leaves x2, Green Stain Cup x2
Restore Health, Restore Fatigue

Colovian Battlecry:
Bog Beacon Asco, Cinnabar Polypore Red, Cinnabar Polypore Yellow
Shield, Fortify Endurance

Julianos Firebelly:
Sacred Lotus Seed, Lady's Smock Leaves x2
Resist Frost, Fortify Health

Numbskin Mead:
Dragon's Tongue, Lady's Smock Leaves x2
Resist Fire, Fortify Health

Stumblefoot's Reserve:
Arrowroot, Flax Seeds x2
Feather, Fortify Strength

Argonian Bloodwine:
Bergamot Seeds x2, Foxglove Nectar x2, White Seed Pod (from Goldenrod)
Resist Poison, Resist Disease, Water Breathing

Sparkling Honeydew:
Lavender Sprig x2, Summer Bolete x2
Fortify Personality, Fortify Speechcraft