Notes: Captain Montrose

Author: Captain Gepard Montrose
Released In:

So far the investigation has been inconclusive, to say the least. The assassin’s body has yielded no clues as to his affiliation, and we haven’t even been able to ascertain the motive for the Emperor’s slaying. We’ve even gone so far as to question local merchants about the unique garb, but have run into nothing but dead ends.

The nature of the attack, the multiple assassins, the ceremonial robes, the summoned weapons and armor — it all speaks of something…ritualistic. I’ve seen the Dark Brotherhood’s handiwork more times than I care to remember, and this just doesn’t fit their usual pattern. I guess that’s what worries me. We’re not dealing with the unknown, and I’ll be damned if I know how to handle it.

— Captain Gepard Montrose

Postscript — I’ve instructed the men to dump the rest of the assassins’ bodies in the sewers. Let them serve as food for the vermin. It’s more than those bastards d

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